Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Modeling Headshots

(photos by Natalie Schrik)

It's such a funny thing to me.
 I tried it once when I was a young girl and had mixed feelings about it. One time my mother signed me up for a Macy's child fashion catwalk class probably when I was about four years old where I did the worst thing you could do as a four year old model. All I remember is when I got up on that scary stage, thinking "I definitely didn't want to be here" and literally ran off the front of the stage in my frilly 90's dress I was wearing headed straight for mom's arms. Fast forward 10 years... I gave up on the childhood dream of being a model more so because I was pressured into it as a little girl. Now 23 years later, as a young adult and in my "prime" as they say, I'm trying at it all over again. Why you ask? Because I figure why not? Throughout my years growing up I've always been told I should model but I never really took them seriously until recently. I'm in good place in life right now. I have a lot going on between working for a jewelry company doing merchandising, finishing up my last semester at San Francisco City College, as well as crafting, walking my dog, hangin with my boyfriend/friends and to top it all off, write a blog!
 I have a blessed life and I'm curious to see where these head shots will possibly take me...
 The way I see it these pictures will be nice to have when I'm older to remember what my 20's were like back then. Either way it's a win win! : )

Tell me which ones are your favorites?
 1. Silly 2. Happy 3. Serious 4. Serene

- Jordy


1 comment

  1. Hi Jorden
    My two cents, defiantly not #4, it's too sorry looking(?)
    #2 would be my choice.


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