Monday, July 7, 2014

The White Summer Dress

 leather jacket from Wasteland , white summer dress from , vintage shoes from The Mysterious Rack , floppy hat from San Diego Hat Co. , red lipstick: Chilli from MAC cosmeticts, handmade earrings from my mom and my grandmothers gold heart locket. 

Hi Loves!

I hope everyones weekend was full of fireworks, BBQ's and sunshine. Mine was decent, relaxed, slept in all the while mixing in some work and play, especially on Saturday when I met up with an old friend... 
This weekend I had the pleasure of collaborating with a skilled photographer and I'm so freaking excited, like spin in a circle and squeal like a giddy little girl kinda excited to show some of the photos we took over the next week.

A new photo series with fine art photographer Francisco Garcia Hristov
I can't help but give myself a pat on the back because I feel like I'm finally taking strides towards my New Years Resolution. All year I've been telling myself to work on this blog more and so here we are. I have some new things planned. This month is looking pretty busy for me so far, because besides work I have photo shoots planned, outings with friends, the San Francisco Trade Show and my Uncle's wedding on the horizon. 
This is only the beginning.
I'm about to hype things up.

- Jordy


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