Monday, April 27, 2015

The Handmade Russian Vintage Coat

Hi Loves!

So I'm pretty much in love with this crazy velvet, embroidered, hand stitched, oversized, vintage coat jacket thing. LOL, The story behind it takes place in San Francisco where I used to live where I purchased it this time last year from a street market vendor. I remember it so clearly, I was accompanied by my close friend Emillie (who I have mentioned in my previous posts) at the Hayes Valley Urban Air Market on a sunny afternoon. I met her after work in the Hayes Valley neighborhood where we strolled through the booths and oohed and awed at all the pretty goods being sold when I stumbled upon this coat and fell hard. I don't know what it is about prints and unique details about a piece that just makes me feel all tingly inside. I have a great appreciation for things that are made with love and are a work of art like this coat. It's definitely a collection piece in my eclectic wardrobe which is always growing... 
I find it fascinating how an item like a signature perfume scent can take you back to the time and place and make one reminisce and smile. For me, that was a great day spent shopping alongside good company topped with yummy food and a Belgium beer. I even remember my bike ride home that evening listening to my iPhone's tunes and pedaling into the sunset towards the beach (Richmond district bound). 
Oh, how it takes me back...

I just felt like a foreign queen in this robe of a coat, fabulous and beautiful.
Anyways I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'll be checking in again very soon.
Until next time!

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