Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wedding Season Styling Guide

Hi Loves!

I hope everyones week is going well so far. Today I just wanted to share this awesome website that has really clean and playful wedding attire designs. I love vintage inspired silhouettes and anything with a flowy bohemian goddess vibe which these looks below definately example that. I've included my polyvore accessory suggestions for these simple dresses to really take ones look to the next level. I truly believe that an outfit is not complete without the right accessories. The site also has a nice selection of accessories as well but I wanted to show how I would style some of these amazing pieces. If you need a  Wedding  or Bridesmaid or even a Party dress you should definitely take a look around their website.

Personally, I could see celebrities like Florence and The Machine rocking some of these looks just to even perform in or some of my old time favorite style icons like the Olsen twins sport one or two of these looks on the red carpet. Either way, I think you can take a beautiful piece like these boho inspired designs and make it your own. 

It's wedding season which means there's a lot of weddings happening this spring season at least that's what I'm realizing. I went to a wedding this past memorial day weekend in San Francisco. For those who follow me on Instagram probably already knew that though. With so many invitations and parties to attend it can get overwhelming so take a cue from these guys and let this guide you... 

Throw a flower crown on with this dress and loads of jewelry and voila! You're a beautiful bohemian bride ready to wed.

For the confident goddess type of lady try a look lke this one. I would've put the hair down curled it with maybe a statement necklace and nude pumps and a head piece perhaps. I can picture it now...

Love the 70's? Look no further, this is an amazing flowy romper that's elegant and looks like it would be comportable. Add more gold jewelry, a belt and big long 70's hair with a fringe purse and you're set!

These last two dresses are so classic and romantic and don't need much other than a statement necklace and a fun pump or wedge to elevate the whole look maybe a pop of color on the lips wouldn't hurt in hot pink or a classic red.

Is anyone a Great Gatsby fan? If you love the 1920's this only needs those long pearl strands, a headpiece and more jewelry and you're good to dance the night away...

This dress is just gorgeous, it's fail proof whatever you pair with a gorgeous gown like this. Maybe a beach wedding with sandals and mermaid curls would be ideal for a look like this..

There ya have it ideas and now you know where to look:
Did I mention that they have very affordable prices as well? 

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