Friday, June 5, 2015

My Handmade Jewelry

Hi Loves!

In Continuation with my blog post series from the Ink Yourself journal entries I'm back at it again.

This week the focus was on values, strengths, and weaknesses, the creative process, and branding among other important values it takes to form any kind of self-starter business. And without any further adieu here we go!

Keep in mind I wrote these posts some time ago when I was in the mindset of creating and launching my jewelry brand, Honey Lavender Designs. This may have been on the back burner, in reality, it still was interesting sharing my thoughts on the subject at the time.

What values do you bring to your customer?

1. Handmade craftsmanship
2. Local/community based
3. Eco-friendly (reused, found objects)
4. Dedication to style
5. Jewelry repurposing as wearable art
6. Limited runs of one of a kind product

What are your weaknesses?

1. Accounting and organization in addition to pricing product (it's always a difficult task)
2. The fact that I need a high-quality camera or a good reliable photographer to work along with
3. Web designer or rather have an online assistant especially to help manage social media
4. Writing/ Statement/ Bio for the brand (it's helpful to have an outsider's opinion rather than just your own)

Descriptions, Words, and Phrases that Describe Your Brand:

1. Unique 
2. Clever
3. One-of-a-kind
4. Simple and Elegant
5. Eclectic

Artist's Statement:

My creative process is organic. I find something and play with the object until I can find a clever idea to make it into something unique and then I let my hands do ALL the rest. 

Note: There will be a second part to Week Two since it's a lot to think about as one creates a concept for a brand. Please check back later to see what I have to say about my follow up for Week Two in another post to come...

I hope you enjoy this creative thought process thus far. 
Thanks for reading!

- Jordy


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