Saturday, January 30, 2016

Manifesting My Goals

Hello readers,

Today I find myself with a quite crazy mind since I feel like so much has been happening lately, or not happening I could say. Maybe I'm being hard on myself as of late but I can't help but get the vibes that this year is happening so quickly that we simply have not had the chance to hit pause or restart. Perhaps I'm rambling on but I wanted to talk about the hot topic below.

Let's talk about Collaboration:

One of my personal goals I want to work on this year is blogger collaboration projects using this here blog and testing out my skills on other social media platforms. Reaching out to new and old opportunities is something I've been working hard at the beginning of the month, and now with my 26 year birthday behind me (which was on January 20th last week), I've realized that I've been pretty distracted. For this, I apologize, folks, for falling behind on emails, not keeping up with posts and letting my regular nonglamorous life get in the way. Work, school, relationships, family and personal sanity time is a thing I'm putting behind me now. lol Sooo with that out in the open I was going to mention a few things:

1. I'm having a new pop up shop with Commune SD, coming up in February 24th which will be the last event for San Diego's Commune Community so, therefore, we will go out with a bang stepping up to the plate bigger and better this time around. I'll be selling my new creations of handmade jewelry and posting up with an essential oils booth repin' Doterra Oils with my partner in crime. Save the date my fellow San Diegans!

2. I've been behind with my emails and I'm sorry. Moving forward I'd like to get back to the itemized To Do lists I'm used to making and diligently following through with on a weekly basis. Take that beginning of the year itch. 

Yes it's true I'm chopping off all my hairs for the sake of creativity and the artistry in the Cosmetology industry.  Tomorrow morning I'll be driving up to Long Beach, CA to be a hair model for The Factory salon based out of downtown SD. Yesterday the salon colored my hair using the Wella color line and made me a rose gold redhead (see Instagram for sneak peeks). I'll be reporting back with this event and all the juicy happenings soon...

4. Currently reading BIG MAGIC Creative Living Beyond Fear written by the author of Eat Pray Love which I'm all sure you're familiar with. I'm obsessed with this read and once I'm done I'll be writing my very own fist "book review" on here, so yeah I'm giving that a shot...
5. I booked my next trip to Portland Oregon for March. I'll be meeting a best friend of mine miss Sara Crane there for the trip and visiting old pals I knew from my days I spent in San Francisco. I'm hoping to scope out salons, neighborhoods all in hopes of possibly moving there in 2017, so we'll see how that goes... I'm pretty excited on this one. Big thanks to my folks for helping me get this trip to happen as my birthday gift this month : )

That is all folks! Now go have a magical weekend!

Top two Photos: Julie Jones
Twitter: @JonesPhotoCo

- Jordy


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