Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nashville On My Mind

Hi Loves!

Okay so let's talk about Nashville. I can't even seem to find the words to even begin to tell you all about my experience in this fantastic music city. It's even taken me a week to process being back home in San Diego and facing reality again. I was riding on this travel high all of last week and had to just process what happened while I was away. From seeing and visiting old friends to meeting new ones to traveling with a best friend and driving each other crazy to hop the fence on New Years and sneaking into the VIP section for the Kings of Leon concert it all happened so fast. 

I would definitely say that this New Years trip goes down in my epic New Years pocket of memories to be cherished. It was so neat exploring all over the city eating and drinking everywhere Alex and I went. From East Nashville, Downtown Broadway, Germantown, The Gulf, Five Points, and even Greenhills I think was we went pretty much everywhere. Thanks to our Uber and lyft drivers for being wonderful tour guides and friendly locals we didn't even need to rent a car while we were there. The whole city works like a spiral, everything spirals out and around from their downtown center which I found interesting. All neighborhoods were 10-15 minutes apart from each other and the cost of living and getting around was quite affordable. 

To my surprise, I was not bombarded by country music 24/7 while Alex and I were there which was refreshing. Don't get me wrong there was plenty of live country musicians in the downtown bars off Broadway where you can definitely get your fill of the local music scene. 
Back to focusing on the previous list from my blog post here: Nashville On The Horizon these are the places I went while I was in Nashville for 4 days....

 1. Black 13 Tattoo Parlor  I totally got a new tattoo while I was in Nashville on my last day there.
2. Jeni's 12 South Heard a lot about this place so we had to hit it up. It was really yummy ice cream, to say the least.
3. Frothy Monkey this small chain local cafe company had multiple locations in Nashville, I had a bring home a bag of coffee beans with me from this place it was delicious
4. South For good eats and drinks, ended our New Year's day hangover here : )
5. Acme Feed & Seed Such a cool spot to people watch and watch the sunset go down from their rooftop bar.
7. Barista Parlor Had the pour-over coffee and a biscuit sandwich which I can still taste in my mouth, sooo good.
8. The Crying Wolf A cool spot for the locals to hang out and shoot some darts and play some pool.
9.The Local Taco This was our first stop on our trip when Alex and I arrived in Nashville, can't beat that good southern cooking
12. Dukes bar for a nightcap
13. Five Spot for live DJing and dancing
14. Downtown Broadway street for bar hopping and live music

Now there is probably a few other places we hit up but I can't remember every single little one but the ones above certainly get my thumbs up and approval. 

The only places we didn't get to visit were  the Grand Ole Opry, Dollywood and the  The Pharmacy, Paterson house and The Opryland hotel perhaps next time... 

I miss Nashville and can't wait to go back again sometime. On a side note I have one more post coming from this trip so stay tunned for that...

Hope ya'll is having a grand ole week so far!

- Jordy


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