Wednesday, March 9, 2016

City Of Roses

 (My friend Sara and I from a past flea market trip we took together, she was contemplating buying that dresser... Which she totally ended up buying btw)

Hi Loves!

So it's time I make a new announcement for an upcoming trip that's on my horizon... 

I'm Portland Bound in about a week or so. March 18th I'll be boarding on a jet plane solo to head up to the "City of Roses" where I'll be meeting up with a special friend of mine miss Sara Crane. Together we will be destroying and taking over the city for the weekend and I couldn't be any more excited. Truth be told this is actually my birthday gift from my parents this year, for my 26th birthday I only asked for a plane ticket to explore Portland in hopes of getting a glance of what it would be like to live there. My plan is to hit up multiple salons, neighborhoods and mingle amongst the locals in the city's speciality coffee shops, and hipster streets with wide eyes and an open heart and mind. This time next year if all goes according to plan I'll hopefully be moving there. San Diego is nice and all but I feel like I'm not meant to stay here. I left a piece of my heart up in San Francisco and it's time to see if the Pacific Northwest is where I truly am meant to end up, where I'll start my career and hit the "refresh button" on my life while I'm still in my 20's...

Now let's talk Hotspots shall well?
Here's a current list of some places I'm hoping to hit up while I'm in town for 5 days and 4 nights:

6. Sassys... don't judge me a friend recommended this one to me
7. Teardrop lounge (cocktail bar)
8.Clyde Common (domestic and foreign cooking)
13. House of Vintage (Oh you better believe I'll be hitting up this place!) 
14. Red Light Clothing Exchange (In the Hawthorne district) 

That's all I have so far, so if you have any good secret spots I need to hit up or any personal favorite Portland places I have to check out your recommendations would be much appreciated.

Till next time loves!

- Jordy


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