Thursday, April 13, 2017

Grant & Jordan's One Year Anniversary

Grant- White T-shirt from h&m, Boots from Clarks, Jeans are from Railcar and Co., Levi's Corduroy Jacket
Jordan- Black & Floral dress, hat and all jewelry from Metaphor Boutique, black flats from Ragz Dressware, Vintage thrifted belt

Hi Loves!

Today I wanted to share with you all the last in my couples series with my wonderful boyfriend, Grant Thomas and photographers Julie Jones and Jonathan Padilla . Together we shot these lovey-dovey images near downtown San Diego on a suspension bridge, during dusk which brought out some magical lighting during the shoot. But besides the photos themselves I wanted to talk about why I'm posting...

Our Story
About a year or so ago Grant and I met on the trendy notorious hipster and embarrassing dating app, Tinder. Yes, it's true we are an actual Tinder success story and I ain't mad about it. When we met we told each other about how we both had traveled to Portland, OR earlier that year, that we both loved speciality coffee and both loved to play pool and drink beers on the reg. So basically, it was a match made in heaven and ever since we've been inseparable. Now as we reach our year mark in this unreal easy loving relationship we exchanged our "I Love You's" and said "Cheers" to a wonderful year of love in the making. This year has broaden our horizons and brought us closer together in the best of ways. 

On another note* 
I would like to mention that I have a few new posts coming your way including our Anniversary trip away to Portland, Oregon as well as a brand new outfit post, so stay posted readers!!! 

Come back to check in from time to time to see more! For the most up to date sneak peeks in my current happenings check out my Instagram where I post frequently, follow and you wont be disappointed... @honey_lavender 

Thanks for following along with me on my journey!

LocationBalboa Park, SD, CA

- Jordy


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