Friday, May 26, 2017

Savvy Shopping

*note this is a sponsored post*

Hello Loves!
Today is a special day because I just wanted to share some cool news with you all in regards to shopping ( which is one of my favorite past times duh! ). Okay, you ready? 
Let's walk on into this like...

But for real now, have any of you readers ever used Groupon???

 It's a wonderful thing. If you don't already have this app downloaded onto your smartphone then you should do it right now, (or after you're done reading this post ) it's worth it. I personally have the Groupon app downloaded on my IPad and iPhone for easy and convenient use. But let me get to the point by mentioning that recently Groupon has upped its game. So much so that the company recently partnered up with over 9,000 retailers all across the U.S. to create a new way to use coupons... What's so great about this is that they're calling it Groupon Coupons!!! It's completely free and makes for a very efficient way for shoppers like you and me to find thousands of coupons, promos and special codes all from a variety of your favorite stores and companies.

 To be more specific here's an exact general list of some of those brands and stores I've been talking about. And more importantly some of my favorite brands I'm excited about to use the groupon coupons for...

Besides all the wonderful shopping sites I also wanted to mention that I'm also a HUGE FAN of Groupon when it comes to food too. Yes, you heard me. Did you know that there are big savings to had when it comes to eating out? I've had countless meals with my boyfriend and dad for father-daughter dates eating sushi or fancy Italian all the while using a Groupon at check out and get our money's worth. It's always worth it in fact I've even used Groupon before for yoga classes since I was wanting to try out some new spots to stretch at without getting all committal to one place. Although I do enjoy Corepower yoga since they can be so expensive I've used Groupon specials before to get more bang for my buck.

Anyways I'll wrap it up here but I'm glad you stopped by and took a look to see what all this fuss is about. If you're anything like me you probably love a good deal and saving money where it counts. SOOO what are you waiting for? It's time to download Groupon Coupons right now. You'll be glad you did, you can take my word for it.

Till next time loves!

- Jordy



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