Friday, August 4, 2017

Deluvia Skin Care & Cosmetics

Hi, Loves!

TGIF everyone, I'm so stoked that it's the weekend and it summertime even though it's 100 degrees...

One thing I've always struggled with in the summertime is wearing my full face makeup. There's nothing worse than feeling the sweaty liquid lines of your foundation running down the sides of your face as you walk into the blinding sunlight midsummers day.

Now, you might think I'm somewhat crazy to tell you that I've found a solution to this problem but it involves mineral makeup. Yes all natural mineral makeup is most definitely the way to go especially in the summertime. I can speak from experience that this wonderful makeup line has quickly become my new favorite so much so that I'm beginning to run out.

If you guys haven't heard of Deluvia Skin Care nows your chance to learn more. Based out of hot humid Florida their natural dead sea salt mineral skin care products have been working wonders for me. Recently this unique company sent me some products to try and boy how I've been loving them. I have more posts coming your way on another review on the actual skin care products but today I wanted to share about the makeup. 

Here's an example of me wearing a full face of their mineral makeup including the DeMure mascara, mineral foundation, and eyeshadows. All together I think makes for a flawless finished look. What do you guys think?

If you want to check out their site to learn more click their website link here. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this and stay tuned for more reviews on this company because I've fallen in love. I may even do a giveaway if you're lucky ; )

Until next time, enjoy your weekend loves!

- Jordy


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