Sunday, November 26, 2017

Life In Portland Oregon

Hi Loves!

So yep, you could've guessed it, I moved!!! No more Socal life goodbye California burritos hello craft beer and organic farms and redwoods. I've taken a month off of blogging to come back with a bang so here I am showcasing my new surroundings in my new city, new apartment, repping a new attitude. 

All these images above have mostly been taken from my iPhone Instagram feed and I am not ashamed because I think they are beautiful. Living in Portland has been so eye-opening so far and I'm super grateful to have had everything falling into to place. My boyfriend and I have moved to our own one bedroom apartment in North Portland close to driving range to our favorite streets Mississippi and Alberta with endless fantastic food and drinks and shops to explore. 

As far as jobs go recently my man go his dream job working for specialty coffee giant Stumptown Coffee Roasters and I have begun working at a retail company I've always admired called Free People. Feel free to come by the shop in downtown Portland and shop all the cute boho women's clothing and accessories. Every day I get to style ladies that come in from head to toe, it's a lot of fun for me to get to play dress up all day. Eventually, I hope to get my cosmetology license transferred so that I can work at a professional salon and do hair evenly. But in the meantime I'm not complaining, I love it here and I'll be partnering up soon with a fellow blogger named Paige to curate some new content for you lovely readers. So stay tuned!!!

- Jordy


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