Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Making My house A Home With Natures Kindle

Hi Loves!

This post is coming at you from my love of making my house a home. 
I mean who doesn't love nesting???

Scented candles are my jam, and If you've been following along for a minute now you'll also know that I love incense and diffusers like the ones depicted in these photos. So for this blog post, I had the pleasure of collaborating with a new local Portland candle company called Natures Kindle.

They are a small husband and wife company from Orange County, California. Similar to my story this couple moved up to the Portland area about a year ago and have been making their mark on the local scented goods market up here in the Pacific North West ever since. Dios and Emily are the brains and bronze behind this killer candle company which is inspired by nature and the rugged natural environment the PNW portrays. Their scents are named after the wild and bring you down to earth when you inhale the subtle pleasant aroma their products bring you. Soy candles are better for the environment to burn since the soy wax is safe, some candles may contain additional elements that could be harmful to your health... Sidenote, you should always stick to candles that use natural oils to create a soothing smell. Soy candles like Natures Kindle candles tend to hold scent better than paraffin candles because they burn slowly, releasing oils gradually. 

For this partnership, I was lucky enough to pick out what I wanted in my home so I picked my favorite candle scents, diffuser reeds and other homey items that tickled my fancy. You know I couldn't pass up anything LAVENDER scented, of course! 

Here's a list of the items I choose that you can see in the above photos:

For several of these items like the calendar and the Pacific North West reed diffuser I don't think you can order off their site but several local shops in the Portland area stock their products, so be on the lookout for that. 

In addition to their amazing products that they hand pour and produce themselves Natures Kindle also hosts candle making classes and events. Their next event is coming up soon at Urban Outfitters on April 20th, you can register HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this new blog post! I love styling these lovely candles and things in my home plus they make my apartment smell so good!!!

Have a great rest of your week loves!

Images were taken and edited by Ericka Herzog 

Jordan Jones


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