Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tilikum Crossing Bridge

 From top to bottom, I'm sporting vintage silk tropical printed blouse from Workshop Vintage, green shorts from Shipwreck vintage, black wicker purse from Free People and my red leather boots are from Artifact.

Hey Loves!!!

Today I'm going to keep this outfit post short and sweet by showing you another bridge location here in Portland. This is the walking bridge called the Tilikum Crossing Bridge located in South Portland, Oregon. I think this bridge is super neat because it's only for bikes, trains and pedestrians to cross, sorry but no cars allowed. It features a killer view and is the newest built bridge in Portland, they don't call this city "Bridgetown" for nothing. The afternoon these shots were taken I was hanging out with fellow blogger gal pal friend Paige from Tequila Stained T's where we grabbed some lunch nearby afterward at the Mount Hood Brewing Co. and snacked on pizza, salad, and some bevies. 

Ths look was inspired by urban exploring within my city, a little bit Eliza Thornberry crossed with Dora the Explorer but all vintage pieces. LOL, so this sounds silly but actually is very practical and just plain fun! I love playing with color and prints so this has been pretty much my summer uniform lately and I ain't mad about it. What do you guys think? If you think it's weird that's okay, Portland is all about keeping things weird if you haven't heard by now...

Hope you're all out and about exploring your city today too! Happy Saturday friends.

Jordan Jones

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