Friday, October 16, 2020

Why You Should Choose Secondhand Fashion First

60's terrycloth vintage vest from eBay, red dress is from @reloveitclothing and my pointed black shoes are from Target (I own them in red too, they go with everything), my hat is purchased from a local vintage store Workshop Vintage by a brand called Petergrim Hats, straw black bag is from Free People from years ago, Bolow turquoise necklace is vintage from another local vintage shop called Most Everything Vintage

*Photos were taken and edited by the talented Nate from @watdafaux

Hi Loves!

I hope your week has been going great thus far because today I wanted to talk about a very obvious but important topic with you today, secondhand fashion and why you should shop secondhand first. Now I know you've probably heard this all before but I wanted to share my journey with this particular consumer habit as well as share some simple fun facts about the cause.

1. It's good for the planet and your wallet because shopping secondhand saves you money and helps keep the items on our circular economy rather than end up in our landfills a season after it was purchased.
2. Often times when shopping secondhand you supporting a small locally wonder business whether it be a vintage shop, online reseller, or a local thrift store the money you spend stays within the community in which you live and it comes back to directly affect you in the community you live in. Quite simply put it well for the local economy, don't give your money to the big box store and corporate corporations.
3. It recycles and repurposes items that would be otherwise discarded. Good quality items don't fall apart and can last years and be passed down to family members even. So next time you temped by "fashion fashion" stores like Zara or H&M or Forever 21 don't do it, keep on walking by.
4. Shopping secondhand helps you create your own eclectic personal style! If no one else has the exact same thing as you that makes you more confident and unique, imposter syndrome will no longer haunt you...
5. Shopping second-hand help your conscious too, lol yes it's true. You feel better about your shopping habits and purchases when the money your spending is going to good causes and charities. Big fast-fashion chains can't say the same thing when you thrift at your local charity shop, the money helps the nonprofits it's associated with which is not only good for you conscious but good for the planet and community, what's not to love about that???!!!

I personally find so much joy when it comes to buying my wardrobe this way plus I have a custom closet full of items that refect me and my personal style. I think my wardrobe is about 80% secondhand if not more so I'm pretty proud of that. I hope this inspires to to keep at it if you already stoped shopping fast fashion and have made the switch a while back. Good for you! Welcoem to the club and with that that's all I have for you today just a simple post switch some colorful fun outfit images and a message to shop second hand fashion first my friends.

Till next time!
p.s. Happy week of Halloween!!!

Jordan Jones


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