Monday, December 7, 2020

Land & Kamp Holiday Photoshoot


*All bags and clutches in these images are from Land & Kamp check out my friend's shop HERE!

Hey guys, 

Welcome back to a much long overdue blog post I've been sitting on and been wanting to share. A few weeks back just after Halloween in early November I got together with a few local ladies to do a photo shoot for my friend bag company called Land & Kamp. These shots were for her winter line and I was asked to be a model to help show off these superb bags she makes by hand out of old Pendelton fabric. 

The shoot day began on a foggy morning and I woke up at 6am to get ready and then drive out to the Sandy River just at the bottom of Mount Hood to Jessica's Aunt's house which was this beautiful property you see in the background in all of these photos. When I rolled up to the house the other models Jessicas Aunt (the beautiful more mature woman in these images), Jessica the creator and owner herself of Land & Kamp the petite sweet little Blonde, and myself with my girl Vanessa Wolfe behind the camera were all finishing up getting ready for our quick day of shooting. 

Once we got started in our first looks we were able to swiftly ease into the next and by the time we were in our look outfits we were laughing up a storm and I have to say I totally enjoyed every moment of this day spent being creative meanwhile helping my fellow female business owner shine. This type of collaboration is my favorite because it doesn't feel like work it just feels like a few ladies having fun all the while creating beautiful images for a brand that I personally have a connection with, it just doesn't get any better than that. 

Well, that's all I have for you from this day, I hope it was nice to see a different perspective on this blog of mine. Vanessa did an excellent job photographing the whole day and editing these images you see. Happy Holidays my friends, and until next time stay well and be safe this holiday season.



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