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A Whimsical & Colorful Backyard Summer Wedding

Hello Loves!

As you can probably see form the images above here I had quite the magical summer wedding last year. I've been terrible about getting around to sharing these amazing images from my BIG DAY online until now. But hey its better late than never I always say, so I hope it's inspiring and just plain fun to see a peek inside my world. I kinda hated planning my entire wedding to be honest with you. If I had to do it all over again and I had the money I would definitely have had hired a wedding planner to help. From the very beginning of planning when, where, what day and the overall theme I quickly became overwhelmed. The one thing that did come in handy was using Pinterest and my maid of honor Vanessa as resources. I heavily relied on my Pinterest account to help me plan visually what I wanted my vibe to be and what second hand and vintage items I needed to source for the wedding from the colored candle sticks to the film cameras, colored glass vases and brass candle sticks. Those things took many months of shopping, planning and curating but it was defiantly all work it in the end!

Now I also have to thank my mother who so kindly gifted me a good lump sum of money from her savings to help pay for the wedding which I so badly needed. I also ended up putting a bit of my own funds towards the event and am proud to say that my whole wedding cost under $10,000.00 so not to shabby. Most modern weddings at least here in American weddings nowadays cost over or around 30,000.00 which is CRAZY. 

To be more straight forward from here on out I just wanted to simply list the important factors for the rest of the details of my wedding so here goes:

Primary colors (aka red, yellow and blue) but also adding pops of lavender since it's one of my favorite flowers.


 I had the absolute BEST florist who nailed it and gave me exactly what I wanted and what I was hoping for. Her name is Britney from Knot & Fern. I think she is now based back in  Bakersfield, California however she moved back home to be closer with her family from Portland during the midst of the Pandemic. I highly would recommend her though if your looking to work with a florist in any capacity.

The DJ I had sucked so I would NOT recommend him. Do not hire and work with Pacific Northwest DJ's whatever you do especially if his name is Jason. He may seem professional on the phone but in person he was high the whole time. missed his cues and brought a friend with him who was wearing athletic clothing, so unprofessional... Two big thumbs down.

Chair and table rentals: 
A to Z Party Rentals was a great service to use, I loved the white chairs I rented and how sweet and simple they were. Great price and good customer service too!

Port a Poty rentals:
Honesty I don't remember who I used but it was fine. its a rent a toilet, what more can you ask for? The process was simple and straightforward. If I had the extra money I might've wanted to use fancy trailers fro this but honestly it was just so that our 100 plus guests wouldn't use the one single toilet inside our hosts house which it totally understandable.

Again I can't remember who we used but we paid them $200.00 out of pocket with the ability to take home 100% of the tips. At the wedding we only served bottles of wine and kegs of beer so it was simple and no one got to drunk which was good. 

The location was at a family's residence in Mount Angel with beautiful views, surrounded by local farms on the backside of the Catholic monastery of Mount Angel. It was beautiful, not too hot and not very cold at the day of the wedding so no one needed jackets or extra outdoor heaters. The property is home of Mike and Mary Grant my husbands aunt and uncle from his mother side of the family. The were amazing hosts because the actually catered the wedding as well for us from smoked BBQ chicken, fresh greens salad, corn on the cob, potato salad and dinner rolls, it was delicious!!!

Lavender flower crown was made by hand from Britney my florist.
I did my own makeup using DeMure Mineral makeup and Woosh beauty pallet.
My mother did my hair with curls and braids 1/2 up and 1/2 down very sweet and easy and simple.
My dress was actually gifted to me from my Auntie Linda (my mothers sister) who lives in LA. She never got married but had this beautiful french lace dress with a silk slip that fit me perfectly. My mother added the bell sleeves and the waist belt to give me some shape and my boots were vintage Italian leather booties from a local vintage shop here in Portland called Sugar Mountain Vintage. Lastly, my something old, borrowed and blue was my turquoise jewelry from Workshop Vintage. I bought the turquoise earrings but I rented the Native American Squash Blossom necklace for only $100.00 when it cost over 6-700,00.00 to buy.

I bought my bridesmaids the most beautiful silk robes from

Maid of Honor- Vanessa Wolf Willey
Bridesmaid- Amanda Wolley
Bridesmaid- Paige Craig
Best Man- Luke Thomas
Groomsperson: Ethan Milner
Groomsperson: Britney Wrightt


For our mini moon as I like to call it we just went camping on our camper for the next three nights and four days along the Oregon coat and around the Molalla river and to Silver Falls. We took our dog Kiko with us and just kept things pretty chill and easy roadtripping around was so nice to just have time together. One of my favorite memories from this little trip was the day or two we spent in Newport where we ate really yummy seafood and found the best dive bar right along the bay where we drank some beers and just relaxed. Someday I hope to do a bigger roadtrip to several national parks but that will have to happen another time. 


Jordan Thomas



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