Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friend Date

 A dress from Topshop, thrifted striped T Shirt (worn underneath), Vintage black leather belt, Nixon watch, H&M necklaces.

Hi Loves!
Last Saturday I had the pleasure of going on a friend date with my pal  Mikell Petty
The day started with brunch at The Squat and Gobble in the Mission district of San Francisco and ended with snacks and drinks at my favorite bar Trick Dog In our afternoon spent together we talked, books, fashion and life in the bay area as we picked through the racks at Community  and Mission thrift. Sometimes you just need a little retail therapy even if its on the cheap. I only spent $40.00 total on all the new clothes I bought, which was totally worth it. (Check back for my thrift haul post to see what I bought!) I have to admit, I've been an avid thrifter most of my life so I have a system when shopping at thrift stores that maximizes my moneys worth, basically I've become a pro. We also walked through one of my favorite art-filled alleys in San Francisco, Clarion Alley. If you haven't been there yet, highly suggest checking this place out. It's quite a visual treat and a great place to take pictures on a summer afternoon. 
Happy Solstice! 
Summer has arrived...

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 

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- Jordy


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