Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Australians Did It Again

Introducing my new favorite professional hair care line...
With witty product descriptions and sensational scents this hair care line is CRAZY GOOD. To give you readers a little back story, I would like to mention that I  have a talented hairstylist for a mother. Her name: Sue Jones. She recently had worked on my hair a few weeks ago at Trends salon, while I was home visiting San Diego. We decided to give the Ombre trend one last hurrah, so we went for it! The limits are endless when you get your hair done for FREE. I think you don't always need to follow the trends, sometimes you do just what feels good. And I felt like a change. She chopped off my split ends and fixed up my layers and put some bleach on my ends to brighten me and BOY IT SURE DID. I am quite happy with the results but I have to say I wouldn't have been able to maintain my mane if it wasn't for my EVO hair care products.
AND here we go... I'm going to just dive in to what's what and share with you my fabulous luscious hair care gems: 

 This is the gang: The Therapist calming shampoo and moisturizer and conditioner, the Liquid Roller curl balm and my personal favorite Love Touch shine spray, it smells amazing! 
I use all four products after washing my hair and occasionally I'll adds some good ole coconut oil in at the ends to help moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

the therapist calming shampoo $24.00--Find it here

the therapist calming conditioner $24.00--Find it here

liquid rollers $25.00--Find it here

love touch shine spray $30.00-- Find it here

(This post is not sponsored, I just love the products and wanted to share the love.)

Just for fun: Before and After hair pics so you can see the difference for yourself

Thanks for reading.
Also I'd love to hear your thoughts. How do you like to style your hair, what are you tricks and remedies? Maybe I should write a post soon about what different kinds of styling tools to use. I have two straighteners, two curling irons and a hair wand, I'm feeling a creative styling post coming on... 

Please, please, please 
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Till next time!

- Jordy


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