Monday, July 20, 2015

10 Things

1. Recently acquired this jewelry set, I'm pretty much obsessed with this cuff and necklace.
 Necklace can be found here.

2. Also recently took a trip to my local MAC store where I picked up some new favorites like their concealer and paint pot as well as the highlighter soft and gentle. I'm wearing all of them in the photo above. It's perfect for summer! Mac is by far my favorite makeup brand, I've been wearing it since I was in High School. 

3. This week I gave the best manicure I've ever performed on my fellow beauty school classmate, its the picture with the pink nail polish. I also got a free gel manicure this past week as well so that's always a plus. Gotta love beauty school! 

4. Found these inspiring jewelry images on Pinterest and I just love the layered looks and all black outfits. It resonates with me quite a bit since I have to wear all black to school all the time and the only thing I can do to add some personality to my looks is with accessories. 

5. Took my crystals to the beach with me after work the other day and gave them a bath in the ocean to cleanse them. No one was around so I didn't get too many weird looks from strangers thinking, "What is she doing?"

6. Been thinking it would be really great to move to Portland after I graduate beauty School next year. I want to do hair and makeup there and work at MAC and a hip salon... I'm saving up starting now!

7. Essential Oils! Oh heck yeah. I'm all about em. Recently I acquired quite the collection of this specific oil brand you see above, DoTerra Essential Oils. So far I have Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Balance, Citrus Bliss, Deep Blue, Serenity, and I want to collect Ginger and Frankincense next. You can use them everywhere anytime just about, and for me being on the go so much they really help lift my mood and help me feel better. 

8. The new July Free people catalog is pretty sweet. I like that they're bringing back the necklace scarf layered with delicate jewelry. I'm into it. Always keeping things fresh. 

9. Rose gold hair, I want it. Next month hair goals...

 10. These earrings I handmade for my blogger pen pal friend miss Rebecca of Bordeaux Bisou blog. I mailed them to her earlier this week with a handwritten note. I hope she gets it soon. Bringing back stationary and pen pals in 2015, boom! Take that technology.

- Jordy


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