Monday, July 6, 2015

Confessions Of An OCD Outfit Planner

Hi Loves!

So I guess the word is out. I'm a crazy outfit planner and I'm a bit OCD about if we are being honest. Something I haven't touched based on here is sharing more about WHO I AM, so I thought I'd share this post today with you readers a few weird secrets, tips, and confessions.

First things first, I would like to point out, yes, I do in fact outfit prep every 3 days give or take. Every Sunday evening I plan out my week by figuring out what I'll be wearing for the next few days. One other random fact about myself that may not be known by you all is that I'm in beauty school right now and have a fully packed weekly schedule every weekday I have a night class at Bellus Academy and in the mornings I work opening shifts at Ragz Dressware Inc. Basically, I'm out all day with no time to go home and change from work clothes to school clothes. At work, I'm required to wear the company's clothing head to toe and when I'm in class at night I have to wear all black outfits, which is our dress code. Often I pack two outfits, one for work and one for school every weekday so planning is a must for me. 
I'll also let you in on another little secret, I love it. Why? you ask because it pushes me to go beyond my boundaries and dress in two separate ways for myself. Playing up a simple black dress at work with embellished accessories and taking that to school after slightly altering my look simply keeps me creative. I like this also because when it comes to my customers I style at work I can literally tell people how to wear things from my own experience, transiting day pieces to evening with a simple adjustment.

As far as being OCD I blame it on all the years of retail I've worked folding clothes and keeping things very tidy has become second nature to me at this point in my life. I obsess over how many ways I can restyle clothing items in as many as ways possible to expand my wardrobe and keep people guessing. 

Being into styling and fashion I don't like to repeat my outfits if I can help it. So naturally, mixing and matching and selling my old clothes to buy new ones will always be a monthly ritual.  Every week once I hit like Wednesday I tend to make sure I have the rest of the week's look planned knowing where and when I'll be wearing what and why. In this way, I dress for myself and wear what I feel like depending on my mood. Since I give myself options in the mornings when I wake up it makes getting dressed and out the door much easier and faster, especially since I'm not a morning person. 

Some people may think I shop a lot when really I just like to recycle my clothing. I tend to buy second hand and vintage as much as possible so that I'm not hurting the environment and sending my money to overseas factories. 

- Do yourself a favor and go through your closet, dresser, clothing rack, shoes, jewelry whatever it is and get rid of it by selling your goods to places like Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, vintage shops or just go and donate your things to your local thrift store.
- Use the money you sell your clothes with to buy new ones (or shop second hand rather than new to help out the earth and your wallet)
- When buying new things always get your underwear, socks and bras new which is kinda obvious but I've seen some people buy used swimsuits at thrift stores before... ewh 
- Before your week starts plan things out, meal prep your lunches the night before, match your shoes to tomorrow's outfit and you'll save yourself a good 30 mins or more in the wee morning hours. 
- Try your outfits on before you pair things together. Sometimes I'll put a look together but once I physically try it all on and see how everything fits, lays and overall looks on I'd edit from there. This way in the morning when you're getting dressed you won't be changing into 3 different options before you find the right one, just figure it out the night before and go to sleep knowing that you're ready to start tomorrow ready to face the world.

Okay so that's all I'll get into for today folks. But if you seriously try out some or all of my tactics I promise you'll enjoy yourself and save some time, plus you'll probably get a few compliments and people will notice you as "put together" instead of a crazy mess who just threw whatever on. There's a difference and trust me we can all see it and appreciate it when you put in a little effort.

As we start off this week , I challenge you to try out and work on some of these ideas.

Till next time loves!

For more of my outfits and looks for inspiration check out my account here.

- Jordy


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