Tuesday, September 22, 2015

An Aspiring Model

Hi Loves!

Well hello again,

I'd like to introduce my new fabulous friend Jasmine Perris. She and I recently met at Bellus Academy where a few weekends ago we were doing some hair modeling. This year for San Diego fashion week Jasmine and I will be participating as hair models representing Bellus Academy. One of my instructors Roberta is doing a series of updos and we happen to be some of the volunteers. It's fun and makes for a cool project that we get to add to our portfolios so that's the perk I guess. But enough of that, let me tell you about the pictures above from my labor day weekend shoot with miss Jasmine. 

Picture this, you're at Oceanside beach in SD, CA it's warm but slightly breezy and it's the perfect time of day to pose in front of a camera. In comes to miss Jasmine my new found friend who happily models for us while dancing in front of the summer sunset. She may be amateur when it comes to modeling but can't you just see her glowing potential? I can. Which is why after meeting her I urged her to say yes to an impromptu photo shoot with my photographer of choice Julie Jones, of course. Together Julie and I have been dying to shoot a colorful ethnic boho wild look on someone other than myself so that's where I thought Jasmine would be the perfect fit for it. Funny now that I'm seeing a trend of "J" names in my life lately, interesting. 
Anyhow, we were able to shoot Jasmine for 3 different looks including this one above and I think they came out beautifully. I had such a great time styling the wardrobe and makeup looks on her while Julie worked her camera.

This is only the beginning though, I have some other projects headed your way readers. There two other looks from Jasmine I can't wait to share and a new photo shoot in the works with a co-worker and multiple models... 

As far as credits go:
Model- Jasmine Perris
Photographer- Julie Jones
Wardrobe and makeup were done by yours truly
Wearing- Models own scarf as a turban, white American Apparel suit bottom and white sandals from Forever 21, crop top from Urban Outfitters, vintage Kimono, rings, and all other jewelry were my own sourced from various places like flea markets and thrift stores. Makeup I used was all MAC cosmetics.

- Jordy


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