Monday, September 28, 2015

Magic Hour


Hi Loves!

Welcome back to yet another manic monday. But here's some lovely visual eye candy I recently worked on. I hope you all enjoy these boho, ethnic looks that were put together for your very own viewing pleasure. You may remember this post from earlier this month working with Jasmine here. She's so beautiful and easy to work with so getting "the shot" was easy. Hopefully these inspire you and brighten your day.

In other news I have more projects underway and this week is especially exciting since it's San Diego Fashion Week! Whoo hoo. I'll be a hair model on Thursday representing my school Bellus Academy so be on the lookout for some behind the scenes pics and sneak peaks and follow me on Instagram (@honey_lavender) to follow along...

Model- Jasmine Perris
Photographer- Julie Jones
Wardrobe and makeup done by yours truly
Wearing- Stylists white blouse, Models own scarf as turban, white American Apparel suit bottom and white sandals from Forever 21, crop top from Urban Outfitters, vintage Kimono, rings and all other jewelry were my own sourced from various places like flea markets and thrift stores. Make up I used was all MAC cosmetics.

- Jordy


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