Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Looking Back But Moving Forward

What does it mean to be a STYLIST?

  1. 1. a designer of fashionable styles of clothing.
    • 2. a person whose job is to arrange and coordinate food, clothes, etc. in a stylish and attractive way in photographs or films.

This is a question that I ask myself daily. 
As a person with so very many different design and styling talents it's quite to difficult to try and put myself in a box and label myself as one thing. In my millennial generation something I realized from working in the industry as a stylist on many levels I've come to the conclusion that it's acceptable and valued to have more than one set skill or career path. Most creatives like myself get bored easily with the mundane tasks sitting at desk brings, so what do we do? We daydream, create, work with our hands and play with textures, colors and just about anything related to the arts.
Why am I ranting on about this you ask?

Because lately I've been questioning myself wondering if I should try and stick to one thing and get really really good at it. But there's something holding me back, simply because I want to do it ALL. Or at least try it all before I fine tune the direct path in my career. I like mixing  things up all the time and even having this blog as my online creative journal to post my work and spread some love. I just want to put positive vibes out into the world no matter what or where I end up. Does anyone else feel me? 

So bottom line is whether or not I become a Cosmetologist full time, wardrobe stylist or even my pursue my love of jewelry and become a jewelry designer doesn't mean I can't perfect these areas if my life. So as long as you stick with me readers I'd be happy to continue to take you on this ride of self exploration. All I know is that these are all the things I love and are what keeps me going and pushing forward and onward. If you can't follow your life's passions then what's the point?

All images featured above are from my previous work experiences working in the industry as a stylist. From client one on one styling overhauls to online outfit planning to on set model styling, I've tried it all, well almost.

In a year from now who knows what's in store for me, stay and see...

- Jordy


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