Friday, October 2, 2015

Styling Jasmine: Beauty Head Shots


Julie's special turban from her travels abroad, vintage 70's printed top, Leopard print crop top (worn underneath) from Urban Outfitters, Free People statement necklace, stylists own earrings and costume rings. All makeup is MAC cosmetics.

Hi Loves!

I'm back again but this time to share with you lovely readers these "beauty shots" I created with Jasmine and Julie. We were going for colorful / vibrant / vintage / tropical / dramatic / boho type of theme lol. So this is how it all came together, gorgeous and green. 
Sorry if this text seems awkward and out of it, I've been up all day and participated in the Bellus Academy San Diego Fashion Week event this evening. So there's that, I was so inspired by the looks I saw on all the hair models this evening especially Ted Gibson's looks, demos and pep talks. I was just so pumped that I thought why not write a blog post and share with the whole wide web my last look I did with Jasmine from our previous shoot at 1am, lol. You gotta make the time when you can folks, don't judge me...

I love how this feels and how she can wear her emotions and facial expressions right on her sleeve, I hope that makes sense. But you feel me? yeah. 
This set of images is the last of my set I did working with Julie and Jasmine from that labor day weekend photo shoot, but, I do have more shots coming. Next week I'll be working with my co-worker and stylish partner in crime Astrid to put together some rad creative looks on four models in a secret TDB location where I'll be doing the hair and makeup and Julie will most likely be shooting the looks. So yay! There's more goodness on its way. I'll keep it coming if you spread the love and like my Instagram posts, comment and help give me any feedback, kay? deal.

Model- Jasmine Perris
Photographer- Julie Jones
Makeup / Wardrobe / Accessories Styling- Yours truly

- Jordy


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