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Featured Blogger: Jerae Campbell of Curvyology

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I'm very thrilled to share with you all this feature I recently wrote on blogger Jerae for the www.sandiegostylebloggers.com website. Please check my final draft and edited version from the SD Style Blogger Editor which is up on the site now:http://www.sandiegostylebloggers.com/ 
I'm a new features contributor for the community and this is my first post I have submitted to them, so I hope you all enjoy! I loved getting to know the lovely lady shown below:
Here's what I found out...

Jordan here from jjhoneylavender.com and today I'm very excited to introduce to you my new friend and fellow blogger Jerae Campbell of www.curvyology.blogspot.com

Recently I was able to meet with this fabulously polished and put together lady at the Dark Horse Coffee Roasters in North Park this past weekend. We met bright and early at 7am sharp ready to chat over our freshly brewed Guatemala pour over and coconut milk spiced chai. After a bit of Q and A's, we took several photos around the downtown San Diego area to wrap up our meeting. 

So without any further adieu, I'll jump right into what I learned about this curvy fashion loving gal...

Q: What inspires you and where do you like to look for inspiration?

A: Jerae mentioned that she liked to find her inspiration through her mood of daily dressing as well as celebrities. She likes to recreate looks she sees on her favorite celebs like Beyonce. Recreating an outfit and dressing her curves with her own take on a look she may see on a celebrity is something she loves to play around with. A few magazines Jerea looks to for inspiration include People's mag and Style Watch magazine which are wonderful resources for outfit ideas. A few online websites she also mentioned were ASOS, Forever 21 plus which are great sites for full-figured fashionistas.

Q: Who are your role models in your life and why?

A: Jerae said that her mother has always been the biggest role model in her life. She is always very put together and enjoys sporting big and bold fashions looks. She even rocks a bald head! Which, let's face it, ladies, that's a statement in itself. 

Q: Where do you like to shop? The inevitable question I was dying to ask. 

A: As mentioned before ASOS.com, citychic.com and Forever 21 as well as GoJane.com mainly because they offer a wide variety of plus size items at decent prices. 

When she was younger she used to sleep in her new shoes to "break them in." There's a pair she still remembers vividly, a blue leather mary jane pair that she was so in love with the day she got them she wouldn't take them off so of course, they went to bed with her on her feet. lol. Kinda silly but kinda cute.

Q: I always wonder with stylish family members is there any family heirlooms that you own or are looking to inherit down the road?

 Nothing is more special than something bought, made and worn out of love and then passing it down to a dear loved one...

A: There's one thing that she is covering which is a sterling silver ring that has a three-tiered band inlaid with green gemstones across the three bands. It is an item that her mother currently owns and hopes to one day inherit for herself. It's extra special since the original owner was her grandmother's ring so that means she would be the third generation to own it with pride, pretty neat if you ask me.

Q: How do you like to do your makeup and hair and what beauty products do you like to use on the daily? 

A: Jerae mentioned that she absolutely loves the body blender from Sephora which is similar to the beauty blender tool everyone knows about but the body blender is bigger and provide the perfect amount of covering and blending when she applies her foundation. She also likes eyeshadows from Blitz and is currently wearing Color Pop liquid lipstick in Tulle and if you go to the site use code: "Thanks Babe" for special 5 dollars off at checkout. For foundation, she likes to use MAC moisturizing skin finish. Something that she swears by in Ecuricin brand cream helps heal her dry skin especially as we head into this cold and dry winter season. She also mentioned that she loves the tv show L.A. hair (as do I) and began to open up about the secret about her perfect hair... She makes her own wiggs! Can you believe it? This girl is so crafty, after a bad experience with a hairstylist and a braiding mishap pulling out her hair she took matters into her own hands and DIY's it up. On the weekends when she likes to have a bit more fun she usually whips out her more creative hairstyles and swaps out different looks depending on her mood or where she's going, what she's doing etc. 

Q: What's a hidden quirk you can tell us about yourself?

A: In all honesty, she loves the Golden Girls and has no shame of being obsessed with the show so much so that she owns the whole boxed set. 

Hey, we all have our guilty pleasures so it's all good...

Q: How do you put outfits together on a daily basis?

A: Jerae told me that she mentally has a vision in her mind and she literally searches all over online where she can purchase these items to build the outfits in her head. 

 Q: In regards to your childhood and upbringing, what were some things in fashion that have brought you to blog?

A: Jerae told me that she used to wear school uniforms every day growing up and had to pre-plan them out the night before on a daily basis. This made her only want to rebel and be able to dress freely so her take on fashion as she got older is her self-expression coming out since she was so restricted in what she could and could not wear when she was younger.  In the 9th grade, she made earrings that everybody loved but only made them for friends and family meanwhile other classmates always wanted to purchase them. Her favorite pair of shoes she loved growing up were the Nike Michael Jordan's sneakers which were the "hot" it shoe of the time and everyone had a pair or wanted some at the time. She would make matching T-shirts that would coordinate with her Jordan sneakers and made special shirts as well for her friends in her later years in school. Her earrings were made up of hoops with different beads and trinkets which color coordinated with her outfits. Nowadays she doesn't necessarily like to match her outfits anymore. But, if you ask me I kinda think it was a thing of the 90's if you ask me...

Q: What are your plans with fashion?

A: She said that she wants style more friends and family as wants to style virtually especially on more social media platforms. She also mentioned to me that she will be starting a youtube channel very soon! Here's the link to find out more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbRPZ4nHRr1Mf03R9bbgkjQ

Authors note:
There are several styling websites that do currently exist that offer this feature for personal stylists to  Here's my mini list for virtual styling:

Q: Jerae do you have any items that you are coveting this fall season? If so what are they?

A: She mentioned that there were these over the knee lace up boots that she was eyeing but recently bought them from this awesome website called: www.gojane.com 

Q: Do you have a closet method for your wardrobe?

A: Jerae explained to me that she has a clothing rack in a separate room in her house where she keeps her seasonal clothing pieces to pull from. Growing up in a climate where when the weather changed and you could actually feel became a habit she adapted from back home before she moved to San Diego several years back. 

Q: What got you to start a blog?

A: She said that she mainly just wanted to share her style with people and be used as a resource. Since she is a curvy sized woman she wanted to be an inspiration and show and tell like-minded followers how one can dress with a plus sized body. Her vision is that her homework on brands and sources can be shared and used by woman all over who may have the same issues when styling themselves.

 Connect with Jerae:

Final words from Jerae:
"Never stress about something you can't change in 5 mins."
"Keep it moving."
"It is what it is."

She is very grateful for this opportunity and hopes to blog full time as a job at some point down the line.

What she's wearing:
A black Michael Kors Selma bag, Dress by city chic, as well as some Forever 21 earrings and Torrid sandals.

Thanks for reading! Until next time.

- Jordy


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