Saturday, December 5, 2015

10 Things

1. Baltic Amber Candle from Anthropologie, I'm craving it lately. I hope it get this golden nugget for Christmas this year. I can smell it now...

2. The color wine/ burgundy,I keep seeing it everywhere this fall/winter season. Makes me want a glass of wine while wearing a matching sweater. Ya feel me? Oh btw this label of wine is my favorite, it's delicious and very affordable, try out a bottle of Dark Horse next time you're in the wine section, just sayin.

3. Stila Liquid lipstick 3 park sample kit, need I say more? I recently purchased it and pretty much am obsessed. It stays on so much longer than normal messy lipstick. Definitely a worthy Sephora splurge.


4. My fashion friends from Trendy and Tipsy  just opened their first retail boutique in Pacific Beach, which I've been meaning to hop on in and shop sometime soon. But regardless I just wanted to give them a shout out. So if you haven't heard or seen their stuff before you should now!!! I'm adding these pieces to my holiday wishlist:

5. Lately I've been experimenting with my Do Terra Essential Oils by crafting them up into my own blends as, it's so much fun. I've pretty much become an oil freak so much so that I have registered and now am a Wellness Advocate with the company. I'm planning to host an essential oil party next month in January once the crazy shimmers down from the holidays. So be on the lookout then for a future blog post on the topic. In the meantime hit up their site and see what all the fuss is about:

6. Update: So far I've accomplished all of my goals and intentions this year I mentioned in this blog post from awhile back. The only things left to do is make my D.I.Y. candles as Christmas gifts but that's it!
7. Nashville on my mind, I leave in 24 days with the bestie. I so badly want to get us these matching this T shirts to wear for our trip:

8. My work life lately is "Transitional" currently I'm trying to find a new replacement job so I can get out of my retail sales job and into a salon working as a front desk receptionist. De Tour salon and I are trying each other out at the moment so we will see what happens, wish me luck loves...

9.Thinking about changing my hair again to this color on my ends, it's time for a change again.

10. Announcement: Will be featuring more guests on my site including new interviews with my creative friends, so be sure to stay tuned for those posts.

- Jordy


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