Thursday, December 17, 2015

Interview with Photographer Julie Jones

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Welcome to my second interview series with my special guest today!!!
I'm sitting down with my close friend today photographer, Julie Jones she's a very creative individual with many interests, I thought she would be an interesting creative to interview. It's Sunday December 6th in the afternoon and we are sitting in her living room with her 3 dogs around us, sipping on a blue cocktail she made for us...

So without any further adieu, welcome Julie!

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself. What would you like to share with my readers today?

A: "I definitely consider myself a creative, along with the lines of whatever means necessary. I see creativity as something that you have to go and fight for, you have to go out and establish yourself in. It's kinda like fighting this war for freedom and the best way to really describe my passion in life is in exploring that."

Q: What inspires you and where do you find your inspiration from?

A: "I went to school for product/fashion design and so I learned along the ways that there's a lot of recycled ideas out there. There's an interesting dynamic that happens when you're talking to a client or designing something for someone else where they've got an idea or vision and they try to translate it to you. In doing that you get a flood of concepts, colors, branding style, how it can be marketed and all these things kinda fall into place. Then you have to pull together your inspiration from the person that you're sitting with."
(This is quite true, I can agree with this from first-hand experience from working with Julie on many shoots, she very much feeds off my energy especially when we are conceptualizing a look or feel while shooting.)

Q: What are some mottos or values that you live by that connect with you creatively, especially when you're on a photo shoot or when you're making art?

A: "A daily life motto I live by is, follow all paths and the right one will open up to you creatively. Everything's worth exploring, I'm very adventurous you see. I think I got that from working with wonderfully creative people in a freely creative company that really gave me the freedom to do and explore whatever I wanted to as a creative early-on. 
Another one I live by is if you don't have work create it. Because whatever direction you want to go you might feel like you can't go that way because you don't have that experience but if you put yourself out there and you gain that experience then you have something to show for it and having something to show for it is what it's all about; that is created in my mind. Practice makes perfect so keep going."

Q: Are they any "awe ha!" moments in your life that led you to become a photographer? Or things that shaped who you today that you'd like to share?

A: "Yeah so I came from a world of product design and when you work in the product design world you create for the future and so you're creating a year to two years out and forecast, you're constantly watching trends and predicting what is coming before it happens. So a concept is created all the way from this burst of an idea in your mind and create it into something that's very tangible that for someone else's use, product or utility. At the end of a two-year life cycle of a product or 6 months even, what started as an idea and ended as a product you lose a connection with it. It's like. 'oh yeah, I made that...' But with a photo it's instantaneous, it's instant gratification but it's not an instant thing to create the photo. There's a lot of planning and production that goes into the moment. It takes a lot of gathering, people, energy and synchronicity all at once for a moment to be captured and then shared. I liked that, that part of it. "

Q: Fashion sense wise, how would you describe your personal style and where do you like to shop? Any specific brands or places you like to frequent?

A: "Fashion sense wise it's has been a wild roller coaster. I was actually just having this conversation two days ago talking about the different personalities that you wear when you wear clothes. So for me, I feel like I've been a million different people, just based on what outfit I put on for the day. I've even asked people that if you were to take a synopsis of my style over a year how would you describe it? People tell me that I'm kind of a little bit of everything. The things that I'm drawn to I would say are flowy, elegant, clean lines and layers. There's a certain element of the boho meets business. I would kind of venture of put it in that category. When it comes to shopping, you know I am a full-blown boutique-a-holic. I like the small stores that have already curated the lines in directions that speak volumes to me. I'm not a big buyer into a specific brand. I've never been like a "T-shirt" person, I don't know I've never been like a logo loyalist.

Q: Are there any fun facts that most people wouldn't know about yourself that you'd like to share from looking at you at first glance?

A: "Oh yeah for sure, hahah. It's like an ocean. Recently I decided to start painting again which I hadn't painted since jr. high and so I started doing water colors and found that I've got a talent! Which is pretty cool. It's been getting a really great response and I'm really excited about some opportunities. I was just commissioned to illustration a children's book, so I'm really excited about that. I'd never picked up a musical instrument when I was younger, I sang in choir and things like that, and so I'm also am in the process of learning the banjo. Painting, the banjo, also recipes and food. I am definitely a big partaker in trying to cook wild meals. When I used to live in Vermont I used to have my friends over and cook things like sea scallops wrapped with prosciutto stuffed with maple infused ricotta set on bed of kale steamed with sea salt and maybe some grilled olive and pineapple tapenade. Hahaha Deliciously decadent but you know it's the ability to be creative and put things together that work well and harmonize. There's just so many outlets.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: "I definitely think about the future a lot, I really like to continue to flourish in the world of photography and then also continue to kind of meld that with my passion for marketing. I think I would really like to build a really awesome team of bloggers and designers and stylists that are kinda along the same line as me. And just keep building this tribe. It's been a great journey and the clients that I'm working with now are really loving the things we are creating and so I think I want to keep going in that direction."

Q: Is there any advice or final words you'd like to give to someone looking to get into the creative field? 

A: "Yes, never be afraid to offer your services freely in order to explore new territories. Not everything's about money in life and sometimes it's about the experience and sometimes that experience is worth a thousand more dollars than anything else. If it's something new go try it out. Just try it. If you don't like it great! Now you know."

Well folks that about wraps it up with my sit down interview with miss Julie Jones, so thank you very much for reading. And a big thank you to my lovely friend and talent, Julie. It's been a pleasure... Readers keep on the lookout for other future posts featuring her work on this here blog. Side note, she shoots most of my images for this blog in case you didn't know that already, now ya do : )

*note all images were provided by Julie herself for this interview

You can find her work on the following platforms:

Twitter: jonesphotoco

until next time.



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