Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nashville On The Horizon

Hi Loves!

So how was your Christmas/Holiday? Good, I hope.
Well, it's not quite over since we still have New Year's Eve coming up in just a few days ...

Which is just the thing I wanted to talk about with you today. In less than about a day I'll be leaving on a Jet Plane with a best friend to fabulous Nashville, Tennessee.  What I'm wondering is recommendations people... since I've never been to this rad city before I'd like to know if you readers had input on where to go, things to see and what to do. I have curated my own special list which you can see below. I would love to know what are the "must see" spots to hit up in the famous "Music City".

So without any further stalling here's Jordan's Nashville List:

1. Marche breakfast spot
2. Loveless Cafe (famous for biscuits) 
3. Barista Parlor (coffee and pretty chocolate)
4. Biscuit Love
5. Pinewood Social (food for any time plus they have a bowling alley and bar)
6. Little Octopus restaurant
7. AMOT A Matter Of Taste (gluten-free restaurant)
8. Mas Tacos Por Favor (best tortilla soup)
9. The Local Taco
10. Burger Up (try the fried pickle chips)
11. The Pharmacy (homemade sodas and good outdoor seating)
12. The Patterson House (best bar spot & also get there early it's popular and busy)
13. Jeni's
14. Crema 
15. I Dream of Weenie
16. Two Ten Jack
17. The Standard (at the Smith house and order the green tomatoes and shrimp grits)
18. Pancake Pantry

1. White's Mercantile
2. Old Made Good
3. Calypsov
4. Hip Zipper
5. Lizard thicket (in Green Hills best for top trends and reasonable prices)
6. Abednego (in Germantown best for unique finds)
7. The Mill in the nations
8. Sisters of Nature
9. Tennessee chic in Hillsboro village
10. Imogene and Willie
11. Third Man Records (Jack White's recording studio)

1. The Opryland hotel (resort/ convention center: go see the 3 large atriums like the Delta Atrium)
2. Belle Meade mansion
3. Hatch Print Posters
4. Stroll down lower Broadway
5. Big River Brewery
6. Catch a show at the grand ole Opry

Alright so this list is pretty ambitious I know, but at least I run out of any ideas in this new city. The real test now is seeing how many places on this long list I can cross off at the end of my trip. I'll be sure to report back here and share with you in the near future in pictures and reviews on a few of these spots. So sit put on this special subject, it's not over yet, it's only the beginning of the end.

Report back later, wish me luck.

P. S. I may or may not get a new little tattoo while I'm away. I especially think that image above seems nice. It's time for a new reminder of life's moment to be put on my body, why not? YOLO ya know?

- Jordy


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