Friday, December 25, 2015

Blonde Bombshell

Hi Loves!

Merry Christmas and a Happy early New Year everyone. So as much as I want to be all cliche and post about the holiday today I'd rather do the opposite right now... Sorry folks maybe next year I'll be posting about some festive activity or something red, green or winter wonderland worthy. Guess you'll all just have to keep reading and checking back to see if that happens. 
And on that note back to the real reason I wanted to post these images today... 
As a "Christmas gift" to myself I have been sprucing up this lovely blog of mine. I've been on here all day updating, and editing and installing what you now all see as my very special and brand new LAYOUT!!! You're welcome? Haha I've been wanting to do this for some time now (about a year in all honesty). 

Besides this beautiful new site you see before your very own two eyes I want to talk about miss model Tatiana up above. What a fun young lass she is. I had her channeling a sexy silly playful bohemian babe for this set of photos, can't you tell? Also the dress may look familiar, because I have blogged about it before in this post: The White Summer Dress Anyhow, this look turned out great! It was a lot of fun to mix it up and play up her girly girl side with a more vibrant makeup look, cool and unique accessories, unexpected elements to her outfit like the sunglasses, scarf and vest which all works so effortlessly together. 
Playing dress up never gets old for me.

What's on Tatiana:
Vest, cuff and ankel boots are the models own  her ankel boots which she metioned were picked up at Forever 21, Scarf is a thrifted vinatge find, belt is vintage, sunglasses were borrowed from a friend, and her dress is mine which was from

all MAC products, ask to learn about specifics used for this second makeup look

Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe- Jordan Jones
Model- Tatiana (@TATIANA174) FB: Tatiana Gorshkova 
Photographer- Will Topete (@DAGSOM)

Location: Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

- Jordy


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