Sunday, February 14, 2016

Paul Mitchell Color Competition


Hi Loves!

Ever curious what it looks like when creatives in the beauty industry come together? 

Well, now you all have a glimpse into my life. This week has flown by so fast and in the midst of it all, I managed to squeeze in a makeup job for this lovely team you see above. What I love about being a jack of all trades when it comes to beauty and styling is that when a friend needs something I can happily jump in and take what comes my way. This collaboration happened through a referral (a friend of a friend recommend me to this team and boy is I grateful). It's so hard for me to say no to any opportunity up my alley when the chance comes along. YOLO guys. 

So on some backstory on why this model has crazy fantasy colored hair and fairy makeup is because it was for a submission for the Paul Mitchell hair color competition that my newfound hairstylist friend Stacy Wood from a Paul Mitchell salon in Vista, SD called Hair Body and Soul. You can follow her on her Instagram account as well to see what she's all about @stacyscissorhands83 

The hair and makeup model Kat I also found very interesting. Miss Katherine Robershaw is in a punk rock band called The Pictographs and also has a podcast called, This Is Your Brain On Punk. Her husband who was also there taking pictures of everything goes by the name of Jon Robershaw you can find his work on Face Book or follow him on Instagram as well @wingwham to see more of his photography.

The hair stylist you see above the blonde named Stacy will use the studio photos for her entry into the Paul Mitchell color competition and hope she wins. I'd love to see my makeup job on the cover of a magazine, featured on the Paul Mitchell website and also on the social media campaign, so fingers crossed. 

I really enjoyed working with these professionals and feel so blessed to have made new friends in the industry. 

I almost forgot, Happy Valentines Day Lovers!!!

- Jordy


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