Monday, February 15, 2016

Pop Up Shop Announcement

Hi Loves,

So once again I'm back with a new pop up show this month on Feb. 24th next week showcasing my new jewelry designs and I'll also have essential oil both set up as well. With the help of my rep from Do Terra Oils and my wellness advocate skills I'll not only be selling my handmade jewelry but I'll also have good smells all around to purchase as well.

This sadly is the last event for San Diego's commune community, so that means it will be your last and final chance to come out and support other local artists and hear some good music with a local IPA in hand. 
To learn more details for the event check out this LINK to the Facebook page where you can rsvp.

I hope to see you all there!!!

Now, let's have an awesome week, shall we? So long Valentine's day...

- Jordy


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