Sunday, May 1, 2016

Essential Skin Care

 Recently I've heard of Essentials through a good friend of mine whose completion has been looking exceptionally clear and radiant lately. She mentioned she had switched up her daily skincare regime by using the Essential Line. I was curious and needed to try it for myself. Being a student in Cosmetology school, this piqued my interest especially once I learned that what she was using was all natural, organic, and packed full of high-end essential oils, all things right up my alley.
Over the past year, I’ve become obsessed with essential oils and use them daily in my
life. They give me a sense of calm and peace of mind, knowing that they aid in overall
well being. So with her suggestion, I decided that I would try Essential.

What Is Essential Skin Care:
The Essential skin care line offers two products. First is the Essential Smooth, which is a
facial oil perfect for healing all skin types, spots, marks, and fine lines. It’s known for its
deeply hydrating qualities. Next is the night treatment, Essential Repair which is know for
it overnight renewing ability. I’m always a little nervous to order new products online
because you just can’t tell what you are going to get, but with a 60 day back guarantee
and free shipping, I figured I would try it out and see. What’s the worse that could
happen? I would fall in love with it?

My Essential skincare package arrived in the mail, and I couldn’t wait to try out Essential
Smooth. In the package there is a quick-start guide that gives you tips on how best to
apply. It even suggests cupping the remaining oils after it has been applied near your
nose to inhale the scent of the oils, which helps reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and
alleviate headaches.

Excited to start my trial with the products I would firstly wash my face with a gentle cleanser. Afterwards I use a natural toner like rosewater then once my face is prepped for the treatment I applied the oils. It felt like such a treat pampering myself with the elixirs for the first time, I instantly felt refreshed and moisturized. Both Essentially
Smooth and Essential Repair come in glass bottles, which I greatly appreciate and I
think it adds to the quality of the line and protects the oils. The pumps come with a fitted
cap, which means that I can put this in any one of my many make-up bags without
having to worry about it spilling inside, always an added bonus ; )

Essential Smooth Cost: $49.79
This is the link to smooth!

Essential Repair Total Cost: $49.79
This is the link to repair!

Essential Smooth ingredients are packet with organic quality oils including rose hips,
neroli and my favorite lavender! The oil has an amber color which once applied to the
skin rubs right in and dissipates.  The number one interesting thing that I found about
this oil is that it doesn’t actually feel oily on my skin, it absorbs quickly and leaves me
feeling clean and hydrated.

I waited until the evening before applying Essential Repair. I wanted to see how I felt the
next morning, since this is a night treatment. Again before I went to bed, I washed my
face and applied the Essential Repair. This one has sandalwood, one of my favorite
grounding scents, as well as strawberry fruit extract; it has a lovely natural scent.
So basicly, I have completely fallen head over heels in LOVE
with this line and now use it on the daily since I'm hooked now.
Personally, I love the smell, I love the way my skin feels, and I love feeling like I am
really taking care of myself knowing that I’m not putting any chemicals on my skin that
it’s vegan and cruelty-free is perfect.

I have seen a difference in the clarity on my skin over the past couple of weeks, I think in
part because it is nourishing and I have recently had a few people notice. I can’t help but
think it is due to the new additions to my regime.

In Conclusion:
I’ll keep it short and sweet. The price is fair, the quality is amazing, and my skin feels wonderful! I recommend that you try Essential!  Watch the video to hear more about my experience...

Check out their site HERE!

- Jordy



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