Monday, May 30, 2016

Mommy & Me

Hi Loves!

I know it's been a hot minute and I apologize, life has gotten way cra cra lately for me. Between my new job working at a blow out bar, new boyfriend yes you read that right, school and my social life I've let some things become a bit unbalanced. As we head into summer here I wanted to share this lovely little post I had worked on this past month with a new crew for this "Mommy & Me" stylized photo shoot. I had a fun time putting the whole look and feel together providing the props and putting it all together with the help of my visionary companion photographer Julie Jones (who I know you've heard me mention before on here). I hope you readers enjoy these delightful images as much as I have. The mother and daughter now have some special photographs from this past mother's day to share together and the rest of the team including the florist, baker and myself the stylist have created something beautiful, handmade and curated with love. 

I can't help but feel the creative bug in me take over in times like this when it comes to creating a feeling or mood for a certain place and time like you can sense from the above images. Being a stylist and jack of many trades has its ups and downs but boy am I satisfied with the end results. Whether it's a complete look for a photoshoot set, styled outfit, makeup and hair combo I love it all. If you're ever in need of a San Diego stylist for many sorts even interiors I'd love to chat. In the meantime, I'll keep creating here and there so always check back and see what I'm up to. I always have something new in the works with many tricks up my stylist sleeves. 

Till next time my dears...


Mom: Shannon Melahn
Daughter: Addison Melahn
Styled By: Jordan Jones Website Facebook Instagram @honey_lavender 
Cakes: Snopels Bake Shop Website Facebook Instagram @snopelsbakeshop
Flowers: Kendra's Floral Design Website Facebook Instagram @flowersbykendra
Photography: Jones Photography Company Website Facebook @JonesPhotographyCompany 

P.S. Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!!

- Jordy


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