Thursday, June 2, 2016

Portland Digital Negatives

Hi Loves!

Today I'm reflecting upon this Spring season that is now behind me and all the memories I have created are now stored on film, my Instagram feed and are hopefully backed up in smartphone library. LOL. But in all seriousness these images above make me think about my path and future desperately craving adventure for travel and living in a new environment, nesting in a clean and creative city I could call home someday, somewhere in, Portland

I may have left my broken heart in San Francisco but it's Portland that I know is where I belong next. As soon as I finish up Cosmetology school (aka "beauty school") which will be this fall I'll be enrolling in the Barbering program at Bellus Academy to further advance my beautician career all the while working at my current new job BLOW BUNNY a hair extension and blow out bar located here in San Diego. Lately, I'm learning that my vision of a directed path varies and tends to swerve here and there. Thinking about those people I hold close to me here in sunny southern California makes my heart hurt a little with the thought of leaving it all behind again to live and thrive in a whole new city located in the Pacific Northwest. I now also have a wonderful new boyfriend here in San Diego, all thanks to Tinder ; ) LOL So we will see how long things will take me to get to where I'm meant to be in the long run but in the short run here is where I'm meant to be ... grounded in my roots

The independent Aquarius in me has a hard time trying to stay in one place for a long amount of time when I embrace change and new experiences every so often to keep my bohemian soul satisfied. I truly loved being in Portland this Spring Equinox season and fell deeply in love with the environment I was shown. The old and new friends that took me in and showed me around brought me to realize how lovely the City of Roses really is. From the multiple waterfalls, waffle carts, specialty coffee shops, brunch spots, little indie movie theaters and bridges for days throughout the town I felt my eyes grew big with wonder and awe. I even noticed the light in Portland is softer and not as harsh as the bright sun's rays here in San Diego, the air crisper and filled with moisture. There's also the random fact that their tap water is the most delicious water I've ever tasted because it's genuinely fresh from local rivers and streams. I couldn't get enough of the greenery and overall moodiness up there I enjoyed every minute of it and I can't wait to go back someday... hopefully soon. 

If you're wondering what disposable film camera I used you can buy it HERE from the Urban Outfitters website

- Jordy


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