Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Blueberry Oats & Honey Face Mask

Blueberry Oats & Honey Face Mask

 Hello Loves, I'm back as promised with a brand new organic, handmade DIY beauty treatment you can try out yourself! Now, since it's the first day of summer and all I thought that this face mask would only be appropriate. Feel free to experiment and substitute your ingredients to your liking but I really liked how this one turned out. It made my skin feel amazing!!!
Have fun babes, enjoy! Please also note that there is even more where this came from. I'll be posting more beauty projects soon, the series had not ended...

- 1 cup of Oats
- 1 cup of mashed up blueberries
- 1 handful of shredded fresh basil
- 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
- 1 cup of local honey
-  5 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil

Mix all ingredients in a big non-porous stainless steel mixing bowl. Be sure to really smash those blueberries real good and stir vigorously. For this mask I would wait a day or 24 hours before using so that all the ingredients can soak and saturate all together before use but other than that enjoy! For this mask, it can also be messy so I found using a spoon or small spatula helps when applying the substance on ones face. Let the mask sit until it feels dry and then rinse and wash off with warm water and follow with toner or Witch Hazel and moisturize. This will last about 4 weeks in the fridge, so be sure to take it out when you want to use it especially on a hot summer's day, it feels really nice. You can take my word for it.

*Once again I would like to note: 
All images above were taken and edited with Julie Jones my creative partner in this project. Check out her site for more: http://www.jonesphotographycompany.com/

- Jordy


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