Monday, July 18, 2016

Santa Barbara Weekend Getaway

Hi Loves!

Jordan here with some fun images I wanted to share with you all from a weekend trip I took a few weeks back with my boyfriend to Santa Barbara. Truth be told I've been horrible about posting lately and I'm a bit overdue for an update with. I have no excuse other than I've just been living my life and enjoying myself since it's summertime. There's something to be said for this special time of year, and although it's not my favorite season (fall is my favorite) it's still magical regardless...

Earlier this year I met my now amazing boyfriend, who is depicted above in almost half of my photos. I was beyond ecstatic when he suggested upon taking me for a weekend trip up the coast to Santa Barbara ( just the two of us). So we drove up from San Diego on an early Saturday afternoon and arrived in Santa Barbara Saturday evening where we wined, dined and basically went out for a night out on the town as soon as we got there, which is where the fun begins...

Our first stop was this chic and modern specialty coffee shop called, The French Press in downtown Santa Barbara, it's located on the main street in the hub of everything. We happened to be staying close by in our little chateau so we ended up walking down to the main street to stretch our legs, site see, and explore the cute downtown area. It was very quaint. I enjoyed seeing the town by foot as the sun set, it couldn't have felt more like the beginning of summer... 
After sipping on some espresso and picking up a souvenir bag of coffee beans we got ready for our evening excursion. We took an Uber to our dinner spot, The Brewhouse which was absolutely delicious!!! I had one of the most amazing meals of my life, the tri tip enchiladas along with some local red wine and a fresh grilled artichoke. It was superb, I highly recommend stopping there for a meal if you ever pass through town. The Brewhouse was only the beginning of our evening because afterwards we walked to the "FUNK ZONE" (as the locals call it) to explore the city while grabbing a few drinks to fulfill the remainder of our evening. We stumbled upon a wonderful local craft beer place called Lama Dog brewery where we enjoyed tasting some interesting bitters and amber ales. Afterwards, we decided to continue on and found a happening little live music bar I can't remember the name so we stayed for some tunes and had ourselves a round of cocktails before we moved on to our next stop. We decided it would be a good idea for a nightcap to play a round of pool at a Irish bar near our place we were staying at, so we did. You can see it in one of the pictures depicted above.

The next morning consisted of sleeping in and walking over to yet another a cute local 3rd wave coffee shop called Handlebar Coffee where we ordered pastries, espresso and iced lattes to recover from the previous night. Insert popular quote, "BUT COFFEE FIRST" lol.
 A proper brunch was then split between to two of us at a little local breakfast spot following our coffee consumption at Handlebar. For the rest of the day we took a drive up the coast to take in the relaxing coastline ocean views. We explored the Mesa Lane Steps a popular tourist spot to visit for people watching, surfing or simply strolling along the beach which is exactly what we did (it was pretty romantic and beautiful I might add). In the evening after a much needed nap we freshened up once more before headed back out for date night that evening. Oysters and white wine were shared at The Hungry Cat which was a little bit fancy but totally worth it, you can't skimp when it comes to Oysters. After some appetizers and wine we continued our lovely date night watching the sunset go down at the Santa Barbara pier (also shown in the images above) where we gazed at the sail boats, seagulls and tiny moon peeking into the evening's sky. It's moments like these that make living in California truly magical, having the salty breeze hit your face and slide through your hair without a care in the world. The night was then finished up for some meatballs and fresh pizza for dinner at Paxis resturant before headed in for the night to share a movie and pass out after a long day adventuring together. The next morning before getting on the road to drive back down the coast we made one last special stop at yet another speciality coffee spot called Breakfast Culture Club for some superb espresso and croissants to start off our morning. My boyfriend also picked up a little souvenir T shirt that said "Breakfast" on it to remember our morning there. 

Okay so before I continue with my noel of a blog post I thought I'd start to wrap it up by saying that the next day we pretty much got up and headed back down the coast to San Diego since it was time to say goodbye to our weekend getaway. I feel incredibly lucky to have found myself such a wonderful man who treated me to such a nice trip. I highly recommend giving Santa Barbara a try if you've never been I loved it and can't wait to visit again. Now on with the rest of our week, I hope you all are having a fantastic summer so far!

Check out my Playlist below I made for the weekend drive. We pretty much listened to it non stop. Enjoy!



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