Monday, November 12, 2018

60's Fall Modern Look

bandana from Madewell, Thrifted coat by Eddie Bauer, Vintage floral dress from Button a local consignment shop, Tighs form Target and Boots from H&M 

*I just love mixing new and old, I think it makes the best combo whether its clothes or interiors gimme a bit of both

Hi Loves, I'm back!

So I may have taken a year off of blogging in case you didn't notice but I'm happy to announce that I'm back and with a vengeance. When I moved to Portland a year ago I was going through soo many changes in scenery, life, career and in my growing and evolving the loving relationship with my partner. Moving to Portland Oregon has been a true blessing and now looking back I suppose that I needed to step back from my social media and focus on what was truly in front of me at the time. It felt good not to put so much unnecessary added pressure to keep up this blog and to live in the moment. Taking a step back was necessary now that I see what a difference the effects of positive goal setting and wiring this blog had on me. I've learned that, well, I became lazier and have honestly felt a little lost this past year in my transition. For some reason, I had lost my drive and motivation to keep this site up and even let my domain expire which is why this blog is up and going now because I've realized some things and have changed my mind recently. 

This week I have made a newfound commitment to myself and you followers to keep at it. This blog has always been a passion project of mine and I'd like to challenge myself to pick up where I left off by giving myself a facelift so you'll be seeing a few new changes around here for the better. Yesterday I got together with my fellow blogger gal pal Paige from Tequila stained T's to curate some much needed new content. My hope is that I can benign to post weekly and share new ideas, goals, interest, and passions of mine ranging from Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Traveling, and Honey and Lavender things. I plan on adding new pages, a new layout, more consistent and better photos so that I can push myself to continue to grow and manifest this blog's potential. 

So long story short, I'm back to please not only your lovely eyeballs but myself as well. I've learned that if you don't try and push yourself then you never get anywhere so I need to stop holding myself back and start living again. I'd love it if you'd follow along with me on this journey...

Here's to passion projects!

- Jordy


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