Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Apartment Tour: My Living Room

Hi Loves!

Welcome back to yet another brand new blog post this week featuring a series of a grand tour of my apartment. First off, I should mention that it's taken me a full year since my boyfriend and I have moved in to finally make our place feel put together and cozy enough to share to the public eye. This apartment is located in one of my favorite parts of town here in North Portland and the complex was built in the 1920's so it has a lot of classic character which I just adore! Our unit is an upstairs unit which anyone that's ever lived in an apartment building will tell you to live upstairs instead of downstairs for obvious reasons but mostly I love it because we have 360 views with windows in every single room and it's safer than being on the street level in my opinion. But enough of this rambling...

Let's talk interior spaces like this warm bohemian vintage-inspired living room. Before I go into deeper detail I just want to mention that this place is the first real space of my own that I've gotten the chance to fully decorate and make my own as an adult. I've collected some of these pieces for years and others I simply snagged up on good old Craigslist. I'm no serious self-proclaimed interior designer by any means but I love the creative act of styling and putting things together. The thought of going back to school for interior design has crossed my mind many times but I simply can't fiscally afford such endeavor at the moment ( maybe once I pay off my student loans one day). 

To set the mood I will say that I love to host my friends and family and if you are lucky enough to drop by you'll often find a bouquet of fresh flowers on my desk at the entryway a scented candle or incense burning with the sound of our record player music off in the distance. For inspiration for this living room, I turned to my favorite online visual guide my Pinterest account where over the years I spent countless hours devouring all things unique and interesting. Most of my rugs are gifted to me, thrifted or from a sample sale when I used to work at a home furnishing and jewelry company called Roost. Our couch is bought second hand from this sick vintage store off Hawthorne street called Lounge Lizzard so it's already broken in and so soft you just sink into it. The TV credenza is a free mid-century oak wood Craigslist find (gotta love free stuff). My peacock chair, coffee table, and kilim pillows are vintage from my local thrift store back home in San Diego, Valley Thrift. My desk is a family heirloom from my grandpa who fought in World War Two, it's legs can screw off and be placed inside the hatch so it could be carried from camp to camp easily during combat. I love this thing because it carries so much history and sentimental value to me and my family. My owl lamp was a graduation gift from my mother back when I graduated High School from an estate sale (I'm pretty sure it's from the 70's). Most of my plants I bought locally from a few plant nurseries like Solabee, Artemesia and even the local grocery store Fred Myer. As for the rest of my curated belongs I have collected over the years each item has it's own story so if you're curious about something to feel free to ask me questions to learn more...

That pretty much wraps up my ranting about my living room, so I hope you liked it! I'm honestly always changing things around as well as adding and taking away pieces here and there. We rent so I can't paint the walls but someday I hope to wallpaper the back living room wall (behind the couch)  and add a big tall standing mirror and more plants. So stay tuned!

Thanks for letting me share guys, I hope the rest of your week goes great!

*Side note all images are my own or taken by my dear blogger friend Paige from

- Jordy


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