Wednesday, November 21, 2018

My Private Quarters

Hi Loves!

So here we are just before Thanksgiving and all I wanna do this time of year is cozy up, sleep in and cuddle my kitty as if you can't tell from these photos. In continuation of my apartment tour, I wanted to share these images of my bedroom with you lovely readers today to show you how I have fun styling and decorating different parts of my home. I really try to tell a story with each space I live in to give off the vibe I'm trying to project as you enter the space.

For the bedroom, I wanted a clean, simple, minimalist, vintage, vibe with a hint of bohemian. If you take a look at my Pinterest account and see the minimalism board I think I took a few cues from the peaceful images I've saved over and over. In my mind, I always wanted a bedroom that's neutral (I do live with my fantastic boyfriend after all) and not over the top and feminine. It's functional, small and so I had to design it with those factors in mind. I'm not ashamed that I have plants in every single room of my one bedroom apartment because I love them and secretly would love my home to be a jungle but here I've tried to scale it back with balance and not fill every nook and cranny with plants and knick-knacks. I wonder how many of you have partners that you co-occupy space with and how you guys make things work...?

Anyways, I also want to add that my cat is an attention whore and tends to follow me around the house wherever I go because he's a fluffy needy boy and always wants pets or to play. Oh yeah, his name is Thor like the Marvel god character from those superhero movies. That was his name when Grant and I adopted him from the Oregon humane society earlier this year and I tried to change it but Thor just seemed to stick. Thor is a 5-year-old 20lbs Maine Coon cat so he's hard to miss hence why I had to add him into this mix of pictures.

On a more important note, let's get into where and how I got the items in my bedroom and to simplify things I'll do this in a list fashion to make it as easy to navigate as I can:

Bed Frame: Ikea
Bed mattress: Tuft and Needle
White decorative pillow: Anthropologie 
Printed map pillow: House of Vintage
Artwork: Handmade and thrifted 
Essential oil diffuser: Now organics brand gifted to me
Incense stick: Solabee
Mirror: Home Goods
Nightstands: Pine tree trunks from Craigslist
Hanging planters: New Seasons
Closet lace curtain: Thrifted
Various frames on the gallery wall: Thrifted, found and Target
Dresser: Garage sale
Jewelry Rack: gifted to me from a woodworker
Stag horn fern: Solabee

My Outfit: All Free People

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'll be back to show my kitchen next week so be sure to check back often for other new blog posts as well. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*Photos were taken by my fellow blogger friend Paige of Tequlia Stained Tee's



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