Friday, November 23, 2018

Shipwreck Vintage

Hi Loves!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I hope it was filled with love, food, and family for yall. On a more exciting note, maybe I should be asking how was your Black Friday and inevitable shopping sprees? Or more importantly what about tomorrow, Shop Small Saturday!??? Personally, I'm more of a fan of this than anything else. I'm excited to talk to you about vintage fashion and goods from one of my favorite local boutiques called Shipwreck Vintage located on 805 N Killingsworth (& Albina), Portland, Oregon. For this blog post, I wanted to show you lovely readers a fun mix of how you can shop vintage and pull together outfits that still look current and unique. In the photos above I wanted to style 3 looks inspired by the holidays to display how you can still shop for new things (that are old) and look put together and well dressed. All three outfits cost a fraction of what new clothes would cost in a department store so without any further adieu:

Look 1 Red on Red or as I call this outfit Christmas Day Ready:
Red Sweater - $32
Red Pants ( I loved these so much I put them on hold) - $18
Black clog shoes by MIA - $100
Brass Hoop Earrings (locally handmade) - $32
Brass necklace (locally handmade) - $62
Total Outfit coast = $244 (Not Bad)

Look 2 Office Party Ready:
Black Purse - $22
Shoes - $16
Pendelton blazer $42
Total Outfit cost = 80 (what a steal!)

Look 3 Going to see Nutcrackerker:
Sweater Dress - $28
Shoes - $16
Long coat - $86
Total Look cost = $130

I wanted to mention their well-priced items since for me it's a wonderful thing shopping for affordable prices. For me, there's nothing worse than going into a vintage store and seeing high to double digits on their price tags. Half the fun with vintage is that it's often times cheaper than buying new items, to begin with. One of the reasons I've switched over to investing in key pieces, collecting vintage items and shopping secondhand is the fact that its better for our environment and my wallet. 

If your looking for one last reason why I can't stop raving about this cute eclectic vintage store is that their Shop Small Saturday deals are to die for! Lucky for you I have the inside scoop and can give you readers a sneak peek...

Shipwreck Shop Small Saturday Deals:

*20% off gem essences by moon nectar apothecary
*20% off Amaree and Reese jewelry
*$10 sunglasses
*30% off vintage clothing
*Buy 3 Turkish towels get one free

I hope you readers that live in the Portland area feel inspired to stop into Shipwreck Vintage tomorrow and see this wonderful gem of a place yourself. I swear every time I go in there it's soo hard not to leave with a new goodie of some kind. For now on I'll be posting a monthly vintage shop review on this blog. Hopefully, over time I'll learn more about Portland's vintage scene with each new place I visit... Personally, I can't seem to get enough! Please remember to shop smarter and more efficiently if you must buy things buy to support small businesses, eco-friendly brands, and companies that stand for something important. I'll never be one of those bloggers who will wear head to toe Zara if I can help it. They are a terrible company attributing to so much world pollution and waste instead give vintage a try, you'll feel better about the clothes on your back I promise.

Till next time...

* All photos shot by Emily Petri @emilypetri88

- Jordy


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