Thursday, February 7, 2019

Blossom & Script Prints

Hi Loves!

I hope everyone has been having a lovely week so far, mines been pretty chill but productive. I've been wanting to post these images for some time now. I'm excited to share with you all this killer pet portrait I received in the mail recently from my good friend and talented artist Kelly. She has a fantastic Etsy company called Blossom & Script where you can find wall art, animal prints, invitations, and a section to submit custom work.  

I asked her to make a portrait of my fluffy Maine Coon cat Thor pictured in the above images. Thor most certainly approves by the way, with as big an ego and personality as Thor, he's hard to please. She did a fantastic job replicating it from this photo I sent her below: 

Kelly and I go way back to middle and high school days where we grew up together in the same neighborhood and later in life worked together at a retail company for a minute. Now as adults, I support her for her creative ability to create something out of nothing. Her online shop is something I'm very proud of her for and just wanted to share the love. Her work is very affordable and would certainly make a great gift for someone. Especially since we are coming up on Valentines Day, a fun handmade special gift from her shop would be ideal for a loved one. With her personalized touches and modern playful vibes, she's definitely, in my opinion, the next big thing!

If you have a special occasion coming up or an event that you may need invitations for or just want some cute artwork, be sure to check out her shop. I'm already a BIG fan and will definitely be looking to her skills in the future for other upcoming projects and ideas. So do yourself a favor and help support small businesses like Kelly's and give her site a look, I'm sure you'll love what Blossom & Script has to offer.

Check out the Blossom & Script site: HERE!!!

*Note all images were taken by photographer Ericka of

Till next time!

- Jordan



  1. Why thank You!!! I hope I can help inspire you and brighten your day. Thanks for commenting.

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