Monday, February 11, 2019

Two Piece set series look 2, "Office Attire"

 Brixton pink hat, Madewell pants and black leather belt, Target penny loafers, Vintage 70's top, and 80's blazer.

Hey Loves!

I'm back again this week to show off my second look in my styled series featuring my vintage two-piece set. For these images, I was able to wander around one of my favorite nurseries here in Portland called Pistils on Mississippi Street. 

This look encompasses a take on vintage American vibes with a hint of playfulness. I felt like I could wear this outfit to work at an office because this outfit was giving me J-Crew inspired office vibes. But the 9-5 office job has NEVER been my thing so it's fun to just pretend. This outfit was pulled together yet comfortable considering the cold weather Portland has been having lately. These images were taken a week before our snow storm passed through so I was particularly happy to be shooting in natural sunlight for the most part. 

I hope this inspires you and shows that no matter what your day job is you don't have to stop daydreaming.. LOL. I still have one more look to reveal to you lovely readers as we go into the middle of February so stay tuned. The final mixed combo of this style series will be posted next week, so please be sure to check back!

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