Saturday, February 16, 2019

My Current Favorite Editing Apps

Hey Loves!

Today I wanted to share with you something that might interest you if your an aspiring blogger, influencer or are just curious to know what applications I use on a daily basis to help keep my "A game". Ever since I restarted this blog several months ago I've become quite a techie and have had a lot of fun searching and seeking out the latest and greatest apps to help set me apart for the millions of other Instagrammers out there. I primary started out as a blogger over 5 years ago when I first started this online journal of mine but now I would say things have changed and to keep up busting out consistent on the gram has become more of a focus. I realized that I have a fun group of helpful tools that make my life much easier when it comes to posting, editing, and planning. So today I wanted to share some of my current favorites at the moment...

Here goes, in no particular order:

*UNUM is an app that lays out your Instagram feed ahead of time for you so you can see what your feed will look like as you post. So instead of guessing what your layout or grid will visually look like you can see your placement images ahead of time. This is a huge advantage because everyone knows having a visually pleasing feed will get you noticed! The app also shows you your analytics which in lineman's terms is the statistics of how your content is doing and breaks down each post's success and failures, best times to post and whos viewing your content which is super helpful knowing who your audience is.

*Snapseed is an image editing tool where you upload an image and then use a variety of tools and gadgets to change things like the exposure, color hues and much much more. Personally, I like to use the selective tool on the app to lighten specific targeted areas in my image or add a vintage gradient or grain to the picture I'm working on. You can save a copy of the finalized picture or just save the edit as a copy so you don't have to lose the original image which is helpful for comparison when it comes to the "before and after".

*StoryLuxe oh man how I LOVE this cool creative editing app. So for your stories this app and Unfold are the way to go in my opinion. Right now I see the layouts and backgrounds of these editing apps all over my popular bloggers feeds and stories. If you've ever wondered how to get that film boarder or polaroid look this app is the best to use for it. The app is free in the APP store so just download it and upload some images and play around. You'll get the feel for it in no time! I think it's super fun to use because I can create mood boards and tell stories within my images, background, and borders that surround them. But trust me you'll love this app, the only downside it that if you want other specialized boarders on some of the templates you have to purchase them but it's usually really cheap like a buck here and there.

*Unfold is another story editing app just like StoryLuxe but has a wide range of completely different borders for your videos and images. I suggest if you like to play around with your stories download this app which is also free. I started out using this app for editing my stories before I discovered StoryLuxe and I think it gave me good practice for figuring out what style of content I should post. 

*Dropbox has basically been around for years now and if you have heard of this image hosting and sharing tool then I suggest you google it right now. I always had a problem when I would do a photo shoot and have to email my images I wanted to edit from my iPhone and laptop back and fouth. This old method took forever and I disliked Google Drive because it saves all weird to the drive online and not to your desktop so I signed up for Dropbox which solved this issue. Now, when I want to get a group of high-resolution images from my laptop to my iPhone or vice versa I use Dropbox. Similar to the Apple cloud once your storage space is full for use it will ask you to pay for more storage space which is cheap but I simply delete the pictures once I'm done with them and have the pictures saved to my desktop on my laptop or in my photos on my phone.

*Afterlight is basically an image editing app for smartphones. LIke most other photo editing apps, it allows the user to take a photo or upload an image with a wide and vast variety of tools to alter the photo. It also offers a lot of filters or "presets" for easy cohesive vibe editing. I've been using this app for years now and liked it until I gave in and tried out my next photo editing app VCSO.

*Vsco is a staple for me now. I've been using it for a few years now and love using the P5 filter on ALL of my Images to some degree. I use VSCO as a part of my image editing process and love playing with their tools to adjust things exactly the way I like it. If I can remember correctly I had to purchase this app but it's worth it and only costs a few bucks. On a side note, I like the filters on VSCO better than After light but Afterlight does have more features like light leaks and vintage effects that can add a lot of charm to a photo. 

*Lightroom mobile CC I've people rave about this app so I've been working in it only to find that it does a lot of similar things to AFterlight and VSCO. I use it for my first initial stage when I edit my pictures just by sliding the tools back and forth to see what the saturation, exposure and much more will turn into. Currently, I just use it on my phone right now and in my honest opinion, I think it's okay, not the best and not the worst. It's not my favorite image editing app to use on my phone but I may get Lightroom for my laptop at some point to better edit my pictures on a bigger screen. I know you can buy other influencers "presets" and such which is pretty neat but I personally I'm trying to stick and develop to my own look and feel so using someone else's present as an authentic influencer is not my style. Although this is very handy if you just want to have a set of presets to better upgrade your own personal account whether your an "Influencer" or not. 

I hope this information has been informative and helpful to you. These are just what I like to use and if you download one of them and don't like it that's fine. I try out other apps all the time to see fit fits into my aesthetic. 

My motto is just to have fun with it!

Till next time friends!



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