Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Two Piece vintage set series look 3, "Polished In Mixed Prints"

My own handmade necklace, Madewell top, Target low heels, and thrifted 80's blazer.

Hey Loves!

This outfit is the last in my series for the two-piece vintage set. I hope you've enjoyed it! For this final look, I mixed prints, played with a bit of modern and retro vibes to create a unique outfit all it's own. When you have a few staple items like a black blazer and low heels like these they can easily be paired with prints and other styles to complete a look. 

I like to mix prints in moderation like this when you have neutrals, colors and solids to help keep the eye looking at the outfit as a whole, not random clothing items paired together. This look was super playful yet serious and I truly felt like a #GirlBoss in this outfit. 

A pairing like this would be perfect transitioning into spring so be on the lookout for that perfect set ladies, I'm telling ya it's worth it. 

I hope your week is going well so far, mine's been nothing but bliss. I started a new server job last week and I've been training and I love it so far. What's been new in your life lately loves???

Till next time, take care and have fun with your style!

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