Friday, February 1, 2019

Casual weekender Look

Boots and green jacket from H&M, vintage two set from Red Light Clothing Exchange, Brixton hat

Hi Loves!

I'm back and ready with a brand new series to share and I'm calling this look above my "Casual Weekender Look". What do ya think? 

In the next few weeks to come, I'll be posting on here and on my Instagram account @misshoneylavender the 3 different ways how you can style a set or two-piece outfit. So next time you're out shopping you won't be afraid to go all out and give it a try when working with the two for one deal. Testing your ways to pair similar but different clothes together make shopping and dressing up fun and truly brings me so much joy. I love interpreting current fashion trends but putting my own unique twist to it. My hope is that this series will interest readers to expand their ideas of dressing as well as to inspire their own personal style endeavors.

This outfit was a lot of fun to style because it's actually a vintage 70's polyester set that I recently picked up my one of my favorite local vintage shops on Hawthrone street called, the Red Light Clothing District. That place is a goldmine in my opinion, and I've now worn other looks featuring some of my finds on posts such as THIS.

So please follow along and check back weekly for the new content on here and on Instagram.


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