Tuesday, January 15, 2019

My Natural New Years Eve Makeup Look

Mineral eye shadow makeup found HERE and using the hydra Lavender and Eucalyptus mist and a vintage 90's red dress 

Hi Loves!

Today I come to you with a lovely makeup review featuring some of my favorite products by De Luvia skincare and cosmetics by DeMure. I used these makeup goodies to put together my New Years Eve makeup look together. I had so much fun blending the mineral loose eyeshadows you see above to create a soft pretty eye look. To set the makeup all in place before and after I used the hydra spray it smells super fresh and floral it's just so refreshing and wakes me up a bit too. These items have now fully become everyday favs in my makeup bag now, that's for sure.

I've been using these products for a while now and they really do last a long time, I have a lot of the mineral powder eyeshadows from this blog post HERE that was posted over a year ago! This stuff is definitely affordable, easy to use and you can feel good about using these products too. In fact, I loved using the mineral powder for my face so much that I ran out of it since I used it up and now that I think of it I've have been meaning to order more...

Here's what I reviewed:

This is a company I can stand by here's a little info about their story:

It started when co-founder Alicia started searching for relief from her skin Psoriasis. She traveled to the Dead Sea in Israel where her and her family begun to use the dead sea minerals and discovered the amazing properties it contained. They experienced such dramatic results that they decided to launch a Dead Sea Product line because of it. As the company grew they expanded and developed other organic natural product lines using organic Aloe Vera along with other specialized ingredients beneficial to the skin. 
Alicia and other co-founder Matt saw a need for a pure cosmetics line that could go hand in hand with the skin care line so that's where DeMure was born. Naturally, they wanted it to be healthy for the skin without containing parabens, fillers, or other chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. At the time when the line was launched, there were very few other natural cosmetic lines. So they expanded the product line and created spa-quality mineral makeup that was made from nature, as well as provided excellent coverage while feeling light and gentle. The line was named after the term 'Demure' from the original word meaning unassuming, natural makeup.

And there ya have it, my honest insight and review on some rad natural makeup that you can feel good about wearing and that's good for your skin too. So if you're in the market to live a more natural feel-good lifestyle and have been exploring what makeup lines out there to try, look no further. You'll love this line just like I do, and you'll see a smooth and easy makeup look for yourself and be glad you went for it. I know it's not easy transitioning over to natural products and takes time but I ask that you try and be mindful as you look into what products you are considering buying. It's helped me look at what I'm consuming and decide on what's important and what's just bad for you and your well being.

*Images were taken and edited by the lovely and talented Ericka Nicole*

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Take care my loves.



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