Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Year New Me

Vintage thrifted 80's plaid blazer, 90's vintage sailor girl themed dress, Madewell beret, Target tights and penny loafers, Thrifted vintage black purse, my own handmade earrings, new haircut done by my mother Sue Jones and all other jewelry is vintage, or gifted.

Images were taken and edited by Ericka Herzog 

Hi Loves!

So here we are another year gone and a new one begins...

I already feel the new positive changes in the air and have been loving incorporating some different habits into my daily routine lately. Not only am I going to bed earlier, I've drinking lemon water in the mornings to help boost my immune system as well as the fact that I've also stopped drinking. Yes, that's right I'm doing a sober January and man does it feel great! 

Already a week into it and I have no shame in ordering a simple but delicious ginger ale instead of a sugar gin infused cocktail at my usual bars and restaurants I frequent. 
I wanted to feel different this year and stop letting myself slip up and be lazy in my health and habits in life. Last year was a year of transition, so upon reflection, I made the realization that it wasn't a year for personal growth as much as it was a year of exploring and adventuring all over Portland, Oregon. I forgot that moving to a new city and taking the time to enjoy it can actually take up a lot of energy and so moving into this new fresh year I've decided to make these little self-challenges in my daily life to see how things affect me.

Each month I might try something new or be abstinent in my daily choices. Meaning that I'll either take or add something into my life with each unique month of 2019. This is still an idea I'm toying with but for starters, I was thinking of it looking like this:

January: Sober soldier (no alcohol all month long except on my birthday)
February: Start doing weekly yoga either at home or a local studio 2-3 times a week
March: Write a blog post every week (This is something I've been struggling with)
April: Go to Nashville or a weekend getaway trip for my 3 year anniversary with my love
May: Learn to Garden and plant some seeds in the backyard planter boxes
June: Visit San Diego and revisit old friends and family (I'll already be flying back home to Southern California for a wedding that month anyway so this will be easy)
July: Have a new job as a hairdresser working at my dream salon Magnum Opus
August: Go explore in Oregon and hit the river swimming holes every week and go camping!
September: Take a DIY class and learn Macrame from Emily Katz
October: Actually dress up this year and go to a Halloween costume party with my boyfriend
November: Make a few Thanksgiving dishes to contribute to dinner this year!
December: Try a new recipe once a week and blog about it or document it on Instagram

So there ya have it!
Who wants to follow along??? Anyone else going to write out and make some goals come to life this year? I know that putting this up on my blog that I'll have to hold myself accountable and it will certainly be interesting to see how things unfold over time and how committed I'll remain...

Till next time loves!



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