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24 Hours In Bend Oregon

Hello Loves!

I've been wanting to put this blog post together for a few weeks now and I finally have found the time, so here goes:

 I also would like to preference that my boyfriend Grant is in the majority of these pictures because I was the one behind the camera for the majority of this trip. If I'm in the photos at all its because I threw the camera into his hands and had him snap a pic of me here and there so it was also difficult to get actual images of us together as a couple. I hope it's fun to see downtown Bend from our perspective even though were we only there for 24 hours.

To give you a little back story, every year for our anniversary we take a big trip somewhere new, somewhere we have never been to before. My partner and I moved to Portland, Oregon specifically for this reason as well to be able to explore and travel in a new state, new region and share more exceptional experiences together. Last year it was Seattle, this year we went to Bend Oregon a cute little town only 3 hours away from Portland. We also were able to stop at Smith Rock on our drive out of town the next day but I'm saving that for a whole other blog post which I will release within the next week... 

Now when we travel I ALWAYS have a list in my phone of places that are recommended to us, shops, restaurants, breweries and places to stay. So this is my personal guide of some of my favorite things we did while passing through town. 

*Scroll down to the end to get my full guide for Bend, Ore.*

First Things First: 
Grab A Beer From A Local Brewery 

First up once we got into town was eating some lunch and grabbing a beer while we waited to check into our hotel room. So we did just that at yup, you guessed it Bend Brewing Company

While we wasted time until our hotel room was ready to check in we decided to explore what downtown Bend had to offer which included little shops to explore, beer to taste and a whole lot of wandering around. At Bend Brewing Company I remember I had a dark cherry sour that was delish and we shared a hummus platter (not depicted in the photos) that was also pretty good to start off the afternoon. I don't remember what Grant got to drink but he liked his beer too from what I can remember. This place is a local spot I would definitely recommend, very casual and relaxed with ample outdoor seating and a view of their famous Mirror Pond.

Shopped At A Local Vintage Found Goods Boutique: 

If you're like me and enjoy shopping for a little souvenir when you travel then you must stop here. I honestly liked this store the best when it came to the small boutique shops sprinkled around the downtown area. I probably spent a good 30 minutes here just admiring everything before I settled with a cute round ceramic incense holder, which was only $8 bucks if I may add. I highly recommend this place for guys and girls or any vintage loving individuals for their quirky locally made items that are one of a kind and completely unique and well priced. 

Stopped Into Another Local Brewery: 

This place was just lovely, I liked the simple and classic casual vibe with friendly servers and chill bartenders happy to whip up a drink. I decided on a delicious apricot puree ale while Grant experienced and tried a light crisp refreshing pilsner. This brewery does have a sister brewery pub located here in downtown Portland but it was more unique to stop in the OG location. Although we didn't order any food here it all looked and sounded yummy, we almost gave in and ordered a snack but realized we wanted more room for dinner. The only thing I regret about this place was not buying any bottles to go to bring back home, oh well, next time.

Got Checked Into Our Hotel Room: 

This place has it all from a soaking pool to the brewery, movie theater & bar to a few little restaurants and small bars. The coolest thing I might add was our hotel room equipped with two claw foot tubs and room service. As soon as we got checked in though however we were more interested in taking a dip and checking out the soaking pool so off we went. The one thing I wish I would have known was that you can charge drinks to your hotel room and take them everywhere with you yes, even into the soaking pool area, but now you know so learn from my mistakes.  

Exploring the Saint Francis Mc Meninmans hotel:

We loved wandering around, looking for the secret rooms after our soaking pool dip. We especially loved the outdoor bars with the patios and firepits. We had to sit in for a quick Old Fashion and soak at the moment celebrating "US". 

The Best Coffee In Downtown Bend: 
The Lone Pine Coffee Roasters

As soon as we woke up the next morning after our night on the town we knew we needed some caffeine. A friend had told us about this local little coffee spot and we loved it. After ordering two espresso and drip coffees to go plus a snack we went on our way to find Mirror Pond for a little brunch action. I highlight recommend this coffee spot, way better than just going to any old Starbucks that's for sure.

My favorite Cocktail Bar:

I just wanted to point this place out because I had so much fun there the night before. This is the best cocktail spot in downtown Bend. I can't say I even remember what Grant and I ordered but I do remember that the drinks were superb and the atmosphere was on point. A little vintage, playful, dark and moody Velvet hits the spot and checks off all the things on your list for a romantic date spot. Two thumbs up!

Best Breakfast Sandwiches:

What a charmer this little french inspired cafe was, plus it was tasty too. After Grant and I had our coffee in hand we walked by this place to grab some breakfast sandwiches to go to eat in front of Mirror Pond. I kinda wished we were staying another day so I could go back to this place for lunch and try some other local dishes but I'll save that for next time. 

Must See Spot:

Since we were told by all the locals and friends alike that we had to check out this sweet peaceful spot for a moment we knew it would be perfect for us to have a picnic. So we did, after ordering breakfast from the Lemon Tree and coffee from The Lone Pine Coffee Roasters we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the view and take in a little bit more of Bend before we headed out and back on the road. 

Fun Fact: 
Mirror Pond is actually part of the Deschutes river but the local residents turned this particular section into more of a dam and so you are able to walk, run or sit and enjoy the outdoor scenic views it as to offer.

I'm glad we got to check out this place because it just added to the charm of what Ben had to offer visitors like us.

My Guide to Bend Oregon List:









That's all I got, I hope you enjoyed this post!
Till next time loves.



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