Friday, May 3, 2019

Tip Toe Through The Tulips

 Hi Loves!

How has your week been? Mine's been jam-packed as per usual but I'm feeling oh so grateful that I FINALLY got to go to my first ever tulip field and I'm pumped about it. If you can't tell from the playful photos I loved every minute of it soaking up the flower power vibes and enjoying the sunshine catching some much-needed vitamin D.

Here in Portland, most people know of a more popular flower field location 40 mins south of Portland called the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. I, however, hate crowds and lines and having to pay for things that should be free so when my friend Katherine told me about this place I jumped at the chance to check it out. These flower fields were free to walk around and enjoy, there were no crowds and it was waaayyy closer to Portland than the other popular spot. 

So are you ready to learn what where I am in these photos???

It's in Washington in a little cute town off the 205 called Woodland, not Woodburn, yup it was only 30 mins away and was totally worth it. The Woodland Flower Festival is a lesser known perhaps smaller flower field than others in the PNW area but I loved the fact Katherine and I could take our photos with ease and not be bothered by strange onlookers. I highly recommend checking out this town and especially this Tulip Farm if you get the chance and live near Portland or Vancouver Washington. There was even a section there that you could pick flowers yourself and only pay .50 cents for each flower to take home with you. 

*Photos were taken by Katty form @creatorandtalent

What I'm Wearing:

The dress is from Blooming Jelly that I purchased from Amazon recently and I love how playful and versatile it is, plus it was super affordable for only 25.00 dollars. My hat is an older sale cap I picked up from Free People, I love it. My T-Shirt worn underneath is a vintage T from a shop back in Carlsbad San Diego, Captain's Helm. My red boots are vintage Justin lace-up boots I picked up from a local vintage shop on Division Street in Portland called Artifact. My blazer is a thrifted vintage find I got from one of my favorite thrift stores back in San Diego and so is my brown woven belt. My sunglasses are from House of Vintage and lipstick I'm wearing is from a new favorite natural makeup company called Beauty Counter.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!



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